Cold preserves food better: the types of freezers on the market

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Today we cannot imagine the house of our dreams without a freezer. The pace of life in society leads us to seek quick solutions and our freezer is one of the most important options for our comfort.

Frozen food in the freezer. Bagged frozen meat and other foods in a horizontal freezer with the two doors open. Food preservation.

Having a good freezer allows us to handle the day-to-day meal planning in the best way, going only a couple of times to the market, taking advantage of the offers and saving them as it should or, simply, offering us the possibility of projecting our meals in the long term.

Although the options are varied and with many possibilities, what matters to us is one question: Which freezer is the best? In this note, you will learn about the varieties most used in the best kitchens.

Before moving on, we will comment on a color fact that many people do not know: according to the IDAE (Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving) about 20% of electricity consumption is destined for freezing and refrigeration of food.

Among the brands, consumption and comfort variables there are two types of freezers: vertical and horizontal.

Chest Freezers

Chest freezers were the most used option in recent years, since due to their shape of a chest or chest, as they are also often called, they offer more storage capacity of food and food in general.

Taking into account the opinion of users, the horizontal distribution acrossOver the height, it offers some comforts over upright freezers. For others, they are uncomfortable, since it is not easy to find some foods that are underneath. But it all depends on how each one organizes the freezer and the space available in the room to place it.

In favor of chest freezers, these have a high performance and its efficiency varies depending on the energy consumption label. This gives you an extra point to save and coordinate meals in the future, for an extended period of time.

Against they have their size, since take up a lot of space for its “landscape” and low height.
If the freezers do not have the system No frost they will need an annual defrost, for general cleaning and removal of accumulated frost.

The prices of chest freezers vary from 200 euros the most basic to models with LCD screen, memory, and programming of all kinds, which exceed 2,000 euros.

Upright freezers

Now it is the turn of the vertical freezers that these were chosen by the commercial and industrial sphere. Most have the characteristic of having visible drawers that make it easier to see the interior products, but now these freezer “cabinets” are seen more frequently in homes, especially those that are adapted for domestic use.

The external appearance of the upright freezers has similarities with conventional refrigerators, This is one of the things that they have in favor, since when it comes to decorating the kitchen they do not clash at all. In addition, when arranging food for freezing there is a greater visual disposition.

These models also have the ability to be No Frost. As against it has a greater loss of cold Due to its large door, when opening it and maneuvering its drawers in search of food, energy consumption is high.

Upright Freezers they are more expensive than chest freezers, we can find them from 500 euros to over 2,000 euros.

Before talking about the last type of freezer, we must take action on the matter of freezer technical service, since handling these values ​​no one is going to ignore this option if our old freezer has a fault. Technical services have experts who specialize in each brand, and that’s a great breather for our home economy. Before evaluating a new purchase, we advise you to call a specialized technician. Now we continue with the small freezers.

Small freezers

If we talk about comfort, we have the small freezers, also called minibar. These became fashionable because of the myriad appearances in the movies. Most are vertical, and do not exceed one meter in height. These facilitate their use thanks to their drawers and the comforts they provide.

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