Color combinations to decorate the children’s bedroom

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Decor : Color combinations to decorate the children’s bedroom

Color combinations for the children's bedroom

Today there is a lot of freedom to choose the colors that will decorate the child’s bedroom. The clichés that until not many years ago were “discriminatory” of one gender or another have been eliminated, and isn’t that better? Only in this way can we create spaces with personality for our little ones from that freedom.

There are so many colors with which we can decorate the smallest room that it can be overwhelming to make that decision. Do I choose a neutral color? A stimulating color? One that favors your rest? We don’t have a strong answer for such questions, but we can compensate you by sharing with you 3 color combinations to decorate children’s bedrooms that are very attractive to us.

Blue and yellow

Blue is a fantastic color to decorate children’s spaces; It contributes to creating a restful environment but at the same time stimulates the creativity of the little ones. Work with a base that combines white with a soft pastel blue It will help you create a more classic environment to which yellow will bring modernity.

Blue and yellow children's bedrooms

The textiles in yellow tones or mustards are a fantastic tool to add that touch of color to these bedrooms. Rugs, bedspreads or blankets in these colors will transform the space. You can also use furniture and accessories such as chairs or lamps.

You can also bet on deeper blues in children’s spaces. In small rooms or rooms with little natural light, however, we recommend you do it in moderation and always contrast with very soft whites or grays that provide light to the space. On this type of blue the yellows will stand out even more.

Green and pink

The green and pink combination is one of our favorites and the least exploited in the children’s bedroom. Depending on the chosen green we can also achieve very different sensations. The more acidic greens contribute to creating stimulating environments for the little ones. The softest greens convey calm and serenity. And the deepest greens like forest green or juniper green? This type of green will bring a natural and sober touch, at the same time, to the room.

Green and pink children's bedrooms

All these types of green combine perfectly with soft roses and salmon tones. Colors that inevitably bring sweetness and romance to spaces. Combine both with white to soften the atmosphere and include small yellow pieces if you want to give it a modern touch.

Black and white

A few years ago few would have thought of black and white to decorate children’s bedrooms. Something that has changed thanks to the popularity that the Nordic style has gained in the world of decoration. A style of which white is always the protagonist in order to catch and reflect the scarce natural light they have.

Black and white children's bedroom

When the daylight hours are scarce or insufficient natural light, white becomes a great ally. White walls and furniture, therefore, furnish this type of room in which black is generally reserved for small accessories and textiles. The duvet covers with geometric patterns and kilim rugs that combine both colors, are a great ally to decorate these spaces.

Too cold? It is the feeling that these bedrooms decorated in both colors convey to many. A feeling that is, however, easy to modify. How? Incorporating small pieces in light woods or accessories in natural fibers such as raffia, wicker, rattan or jute, which provide warmth.

There are many color combinations that we can use to decorate the children’s bedroom, as many as you can imagine! It is very stimulating to play with color, in addition, in this type of spaces in which the rules that we apply to others seem to disappear. We should know, however, that not recommended combine more than three colors (excluding white) if we do not want to recharge the room.

What color combination is most attractive to decorate the bedroom of the little ones? Would you bet on soft colors or would you dare are more striking?

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