Color of the month – Indigo

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Color of the month - Indigo

Greener than navy blue but more intense and saturated, the Indigo color It has existed since time immemorial, when the first civilizations of antiquity began to obtain it from the plants of indigo for the dyeing of fabrics and writing among other things. Its use has continued continuously throughout the centuries but in recent years it has experienced a real boom in the world of interior design.

Either for his great strength and intensity or for the beauty of their natural pigments, the truth is that it is a color with its own personality and very special that will help you create unique spaces. From here we tell you how.



The Indigo color It is an intense color and with great force and although applying it on the walls in an integral way can be very impressive the result is not overwhelming at all. Rather the opposite, allows creating spaces that transmit calm and calm without losing a glimpse of drama and personality. To do this, you just have to know how to combine it with some care using few and selected colors for accessories and accessories and that the total look in indigo Do not lose your essence.



For a moderate color combination, with smooth transitions and little contrast you can try to add a green hue to your decoration Indigo color. Like good colors adjacent to the chromatic circle, they are colors that share a base of color and their combination will allow you to create more classic and traditional environments where the disparity of color is reduced to a minimum.



Give a point of boldness to your interior design in indigo tones adding brush strokes in a vivid and intense color like orange. It is on the other side of the Indigo color in the color wheel and therefore, will allow you to create more modern spaces, with a more daring and risky look that plays pure contrast.


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The intense and deep tone of the Indigo color it becomes even more powerful in combination with earth tones such as camel, brown or Marsala. If these shades are also used on high quality surfaces such as leather, wood or velvet, the effect is simply spectacular.

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In the case of leather in camel tones, the base itself color close to orange and therefore complementary to the indigo and the use of such noble and refined material makes the effect irresistible and sophisticated. Do you dare with this combination?



Being an original tone that comes from the natural dye obtained from some plants, the Indigo color It has become very fashionable to give a tie-dye or degraded effect in textiles and its influence extends not only in the world of fashion but also in interior design. Now more than ever you can find all kinds of textile accessories dyed with the shibori technique and / or recreating so characteristic patterns where the indigo tone He is the great protagonist.

Combine them in your home as an accent with other noble and more sophisticated materials and you will get a trendy atmosphere.


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To create relaxed and relaxed environments, we recommend combining the Indigo color with materials of natural origin: wood, wicker, linen and cotton, ... all of them will make the space look fresh and relaxed but with a lot of personality thanks to the unequaled strength of the indigo tone.



For the less intrepid, if you are not one of those who dare to compromise with a color as intense as indigo In walls or large pieces of furniture, you can always choose to use it as an accent. It works especially well with the purest whites and will suppose a contribution of extra energy in the spaces if you use it in carpets, cushions, paintings or other elements that you can easily change.


Have you inspired our selection of spaces with a touch indigo? If you have decided that this is the color for your home but have not yet found the inspiration you need, we encourage you to take a closer look at our selection of Pinterest spaces. What did you think? What was the source of inspiration?

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