Color of the Month – Lavender

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Color of the Month - Lavender

We all already know the beneficial properties of lavender flower, a plant with calming and soothing properties that go beyond its preparation in concoctions and potions and that extends its influence also visually with a color full of nuances, soft and pleasant, and that transmits serenity, delicacy and even a certain distinction. The lavender color we could consider it a soft violet with high doses of white, but this would be a simplification since there are numerous variations ranging from the most bluish and grayish interpretations of a more neutral character, to the more feminine versions with pink tints.

Be that as it may, the lavender color It is a very versatile color, with a presence so discreet that it will allow you to use it in many environments without them being saturated. We show you our selection of spaces in lavender tones so you can find the one that best suits your style.



A color as smooth as lavender It is very appropriate for its use in an integral way in spaces. You can start by painting the walls in its most clarified version and use derived colors such as purple, violet, purple, etc ... in different layers and through accessories such as cushions, carpets, curtains, flowers, works of art and / or any piece of furniture. In this way you will break with the absolute hegemony of lavender getting a certain dynamism in an environment that will breathe pure calm and calm. It is a particularly appropriate choice for bedrooms and rest areas.


Here you can find our proposal of articles in colour lavender that will help you create a total look:

lights_lavender savannah_lavanda cojin_lavanda Table_lavender


At this point of our color series, it will not be a surprise to discover that to achieve a more classic or traditional effect in the use of color, the best options of combination of lavender color indoors they are the closest or contiguous tones in the chromatic circle. Having said that, the bluish or pinkish tones, which share a color base with the lavender, those that will allow you to get traditional decorations and a more balanced character in your home.

The combination lavender-blue you will find it more suitable to use it not only in bedrooms, but also in other areas such as living rooms, terraces, living rooms, etc ...


This is our selection of products in combination lavender-blue:

azulejo_lavanda_azul lavanda_azul_servilleta cojin_lavanda_azul carpet_lavanda_blue

While the combination with the rose, a more delicate color, it will be ideal to decorate the bedrooms, especially those destined for the queens of the house.


This is our selection of products that combine lavender And pink:

Cojin_lavanda_rosa cuadro_lavanda_rosa Adornos_lavanda_rosa lampara_lavanda_rosa


And going back to the theory of color, the most modern and current environments will be achieved by using contrasted color proposals, with colors that are on the other side of the chromatic spectrum. In this case, the complementary color of the lavender It is the yellow color. A surprising combination that will give life to the driest of environments and that will not leave anyone indifferent.


This is the selection of items that we propose in the surprising combination lavender-yellow:

cojin_lavanda_amarillo Yellow_lavender_box banco_lavanda_amarillo yellow_lavanda_art


For a serene and relaxed atmosphere but without stridency of color, a very successful option is to combine the lavender color With the linen tone, a yellow with a certain grayish touch that will allow you to evoke the elegant and simple French Provencal style. If you can also allow the use of linen fabrics, the environment will not only be reinforced in the aesthetic, but you will enrich it with the incorporation of textures.


We offer you our selection of items that combine tones lavender and linen shades:

cojin_lavanda_lino towel_lavanda_lino Alfombra_lavanda_lino cojin_lavanda_lino2


The very nature of color lavender, cold and calm, will be the only thing you need to provide freshness and some color to the spaces. To ensure its role as an emphasis color it is important that the rest of the shades of the space remain in neutral tones such as white, beige or gray so that the tone lavender do not go unnoticed.


Here you can find our selection of products to give a color accent lavender In your home:

silla_lavanda cojin_lavanda2 sillon_lavanda cojin_lavanda3


As a good pastel tone that is, the lavender color It is very common to find it in innumerable spaces set in shabby chic style. It is a way to discreetly add color to spaces in a style where white is the predominant tone.


We propose the following items with which you can recreate a shabby chic aesthetic in color lavender:

lampara_lavanda_shabbychicmarcos_lavanda_shabbychic jarron_lavanda_shabbychic manta_lavanda_shabbychic

Still have not found anything that inspires you to use the lavender tone In your home? Check our selection of spaces in lavender in our Pinterest board where you will find the photos used and many more, you will surely find a perfect space for you!

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