Color of the month – Olive Green

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Color of the month - Olive Green

The Olive green is a color that we find in nature, a color that evokes calm, warmth, comfort and harmony and that as its name suggests, derives from the color of unripe green olives. The Olive green It is considered a dull tone of green with large doses of yellow and black. Little strident and very discreet, it is very appropriate to use in calm and peaceful atmospheres. In addition, due to the earthy touch that characterizes it, it has the property, like the Marsala color, of providing texture to surfaces, adding an extra dose of elegance and sophistication to any environment.

Unquestionably, one of the trend colors in interior design this 2015, we leave some tips on how to incorporate it into the decoration of your home along with practical examples, whatever your style.



It may seem overwhelming, but an environment decorated in various shades of the same color not only adds drama to the space, but for this shade of green, it also brings calmness and comfort. For example, you can try decorating the space with some piece in Olive green and paint the wall or put a wallpaper in some shade lighter like a lime green, or darker like a green pine, and finish with some details in turquoise green. You can also incorporate different shades of green through cushions, works of art, carpets and curtains.

Once you have arranged the different layers of green in space, give it a hit of effect using another totally different color for a specific detail. Some flowers in pink or violet colors, or a red or garnet stool will give the room the final modern touch.



For a more traditional decoration, consider combining the color Olive green with analogous colors, which are those colors that are on both sides of the color Olive green in the chromatic circle. A yellow mustard and a blue Night will undoubtedly be ideal companions to create harmony in a space since both share tonality with it. The Mustard shares the yellow base and the Blue Night shares the blue base. For example, if the walls of your space are a Night Blue color, you can try with color accents Olive green in sofas or chairs and smaller details in Mustard color. This way you will get the most out of a group of colors that work extraordinarily well together.



To create a more contemporary space, with colors that contrast and attract attention, introduces complementary colors to the Olive green, opposites in the chromatic circle. In these cases shades like violet, roses and garnets are what will give you a more daring and daring look. Use it on carpets, blankets, a work of art with some touches of color, on the screens of a lamp or curtains, and you will create a contrast of contemporary and contemporary spaces.



Despite being a warm color, in very neutral environments where white, gray and brown abound, the color Olive green It brings a note of color and freshness that does not go unnoticed, that's why it is a color traditionally used in Mediterranean-style environments.



A dull color like Olive green It absorbs a lot of light and makes the environments look more sad and dark in general. To avoid this, add to your space bright accessories in golden tones that will help you to illuminate it in a very elegant way. Whether you opt for a traditional style, or if you have more modern tastes, add it in the form of frames, table structures, lamps, handles, etc., so that the room will light up and look bigger.


On our Pinterest board you can find our selection in decoration Olive green with all the photos used and more. We hope you find the inspiration you need in this color!

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