Color of the Month – Raspberry

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Color of the Month - Raspberry

If you thought that the raspberry color it was an exclusive tone of childish and childish bedrooms, take it off your head! The raspberry color It is vibrant, fun and above all, it is full of character and personality. The trick to incorporate it into your home is to know what are the colors with which it works well to achieve your goals and above all, to know how to dose it.

If you are thinking of incorporating a pinch of this intense color in your spaces, we tell you some of its secrets.



At this point, the theory of color we have more than learned and we know that to achieve balanced spaces and without much fanfare we have to resort to similar colors and share the color base with the tone in question. For this and in the case of raspberry color, blue, violet and red will be the most appropriate to create harmonious environments without the raspberry color be decompensated.



For more daring and modern combinations, that want to make the most of the contrast, the best choice will be to combine the raspberry color with any tone within the range of greens. The combination will not only be very feminine and evocative, but will add a point of boldness thanks to the shocking mix of colors.



If you have proposed to give your walls a tonality raspberry color, the only thing you have to be clear is that to compensate for the effect of such an intense color it is important that the rest of the furniture and accessories remain in neutral tones and that the space is not overloaded. Or, if you're a color freak, you can try playing with different shades of pink so it's not too monochrome.



As a good representative of the range of Vitamin tones, raspberry color it will be a sure bet to endow spaces with vitality and joy in the most neutral environments. In addition, because of its small bluish component it is ideal to subtly refresh the spaces on the summer dates in which we find ourselves.



In the bohemian style environments It is very common to find the raspberry color employee without complexes and where the most usual thing is to incorporate it through textiles. In these, cushions, carpets, curtains, ... in a variety of patterns and textures are dyed in bright colors among which highlights the raspberry tone. There are also those who prefer to be more explicit in the use of color and apply it directly on the walls.



For one more elegant and refined composition, we suggest you combine the vibrant raspberry color with a neutral tone like gray. The discretion and seriousness of the gray will be compensated with this vibrant tone of pink. You can combine the walls in gray with furniture in raspberry tones or vice versa. Whatever your choice, the mixture of these two colors will allow you to create very sophisticated environments like the ones we show you.


We encourage you to take a look at our selection of interiors in raspberry color with which to inspire you for your home. Surely you find what you're looking for in this intense and seductive color!

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