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Color of the Month - Rosa Palo

Although it is considered an eminently feminine, romantic and sweet color, usually used to decorate children's bedrooms for girls or spaces of accentuated Shabby Chic character, the truth is that the color Pink stick is a very versatile color, able to combine with most shades of the chromatic spectrum, which allows you to create more or less feminine compositions with the introduction of more or less austere colors and shapes. All this is a matter of knowing how to find the balance to arrive at a result that adapts to our way of understanding spaces.

Find your ideal environment in the different proposals we make for you see the life of rose!



As we have commented in previous articles of the series Color of the Month, to achieve a classic and traditional composition in your spaces, use colors similar to the color spectrum, which are on both sides in the tone color wheel Pink stick. In this case, the tones purple Y Red they will help you to achieve a harmonious, balanced and without stridency.



The intense and marked color contrasts will be achieved using colors complementary to the color Pink stick in the chromatic circle. Shades ranging from blue to yellow, but especially the green colors, will give you the contrast you need to create spaces with more life and freshness and topicality.



A very current trend is to combine the Pink stick with compositions in White Y black. A dramatic and spectacular combination that will allow you to recreate the glamorous and sophisticated interiors of Hollywood of the 50s using the appropriate furniture, but that you can also use in Nordic style interiors if you are of less recharged tastes.

Black & White


Speaking of Nordic style, the high luminosity of the Pink stick makes it a very used color in the Scandinavian countries with the aim of reflecting and making the most of the light of the sun so scarce in those latitudes. Combine it with neutral colors such as beige, gray and brown, along with few but practical furniture in natural wood and you will have managed to capture the essence of the Scandinavian style in a relaxing and luminous composition.



Despite being a warm color, the color Pink stick is a Red smoothed with large doses of white, its luminosity makes it fresh and vibrant, becoming a very appropriate tone to bring freshness and a note of color in very neutral environments where white, gray and brown predominate.



If you like to use a certain metallic shine in your environments do not hesitate to include in your environment in color Pink stick, Accessories in golden tones. The combination is a classic that will create chic, elegant and sophisticated spaces without renouncing a certain degree of romanticism.



The most modern and current tastes prefer to replace the flash of gold with another in the metal of absolute trend in the world of interior design, copper. Whether you incorporate it through picture frames or mirrors, bedside tables, copper lamps or other accessories, the result in combination with the Pink stick It will be without a doubt impressive.


You can find more photos to inspire and decorate in color Pink stick on our Pinterest board. Find the inspiration to decorate your space in this delicate and peaceful color!

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