Color of the Month – Tangerine

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Color of the Month - Tangerine

Halfway between orange and yellow, maybe slightly closer to orange, the color Tangerine It is a warm and intense color, which transmits joy, strength and dynamism and whose name derives from the color of the juicy pulp of the ripe tangerine. With antidepressant and stimulant properties, the color Tangerine It can be considered a very bright shade of orange with large doses of yellow. Striking and not very discreet, it is important to know the keys of how to use it in interior decoration so as not to overload the rooms. We show you the keys to do it.



White is always a safe bet when combining with other colors and with color Tangerine It is no exception. In this case, the white will help you neutralize its great intensity and presence at the same time you will provide the dose of just warmth in the spaces. You can also substitute the white for other neutral tones such as broken targets, creams, toasted and earth colors obtaining the same result.


We offer you our selection of articles in color tangerine to combine in neutral environments:



If you are willing to give your walls a dye Tangerine, the trick so that it is not too overwhelming is to paint one or two walls of the space in contrast to the rest in more neutral colors, or to mix in the same wall with other colors. On the other hand, the spaces of the house that best admit a TOTAL LOOK in Tangerine they are the bathrooms and exteriors, in the first one because of the luminosity that it brings and the second one, because it is compensated with the opening towards the outside.


We offer you our selection of products in color tangerine that you can place on the wall:



If you like traditional decoration but do not want to give up using color Tangerine In your environments, try to combine it with its analogous colors. Those that are on both sides of the color Tangerine in the chromatic circle are the yellow and the Red, that will become great allies for the color Tangerine in classic environments also providing amplitude and luminosity. It is important to bear in mind that being the 3 colors, warm colors associated with dynamism, activity and action, are very exciting colors and are not very suitable for use in bedrooms where the goal is the opposite. That's why we recommend that you leave it for the decoration of other environments or, neutralize the intensity mixing it with neutral colors.


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A more modern and modern environment you will achieve by combining the color Tangerine with contrasting colors such as complementary colors, located on the opposite side of the chromatic circle. In this case, the range from blue to green, and especially greenish blue, will help you create a bold and contemporary space. The options are many, from painting a wall in contrast, on the cushions, carpets, ...


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For a modern, striking and elegant composition, try to combine the warm and intense Tangerine with cold and impersonal gray. You can combine the walls in gray with accessories such as paintings, cushions and bedspreads in color Tangerine or vice versa. It is a safe bet and whatever combination you choose, in the mix of those two colors you will always succeed.


We offer you our selection of products in tangerine and gray:


On our Pinterest board you can find the source of the photos used as well as a larger selection of color decoration Tangerine. Surely you find the inspiration you need!

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