Color of the Month – Turquoise

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Color of the Month - Turquoise

Inevitably associated with the color of the crystalline waters of the Caribbean, the color Turquoise It is considered by many a summer color but the truth is that it is a perfect color for all seasons if you know how to use it properly. From classical and traditional environments to more modern and contemporary spaces, the key to decorating Turquoise is to use it in the way that works with the space and personality of each one.

Stay tuned to our suggestions on how to use it and find your ideal environment!



The trick to decorate a space in a monochromatic way without it being overloaded is to skillfully combine pieces of different styles and textures in different shades of the same color. In this way furniture and accessories will not be overshadowed by the generous and abundant use of a single color. So, to create a monochromatic space in color Turquoise You can for example use a pale turquoise tone for the walls, a more intense tone for the textiles and leave darker tones for details and accents of color.

Once you have converted to color Turquoise In the protagonist of your space, try adding some contrasting pieces in dark colors like black or brown. These will help you soften and balance the environment.



As we have already explained in previous articles of the collection Color of the Month, to achieve a classic and traditional decoration in the environments it is necessary to resort to the use of analogous colors so that the chromatic contrast is not too accentuated. In this case and for the color Turquoise, the colors that are located on both sides in the chromatic circle are the blue and the green. In the combination of these three colors and their derivatives you will not only get a peaceful and harmonious space, but because they are the 3 colors, cold colors, they will bring a great dose of freshness and luminosity to your environments.



If you are looking to create a more modern and modern environment, it is best to resort to intense contrasts of color that are achieved using complementary colors. In the case of color Turquoise, the use of colors from the range of red to orange and especially red orange, will contribute to add a great visual interest and energy to your space.



If you do not dare with the color schemes proposed so far but you keep thinking about the use of color Turquoise to give a knock on effect in your home, we suggest you try painting a wall of your space in contrast to the rest. It will bring energy and light to your space, but for this, make sure that the pieces and furniture in the room are in neutral colors so that the decoration is balanced but with great visual impact.



A color that reminds us of the crystalline waters of the Caribbean is never a bad choice for bathroom decoration. The color Turquoise It is a bright and lively color that will bring luminosity and freshness to the bathroom and for its relaxing properties will make the daily shower an even more pleasant activity if possible.



A fresh and vibrant color like Turquoise It allies perfectly with pieces and wooden elements in dark tones that will provide the touch of warmth that it lacks. The combination will not only create warm, harmonious and elegant spaces, but if you are an enthusiast of more masculine style spaces, this is your combination so you do not have to give up the use of color Turquoise In your home.



With the inclusion of color accents Turquoise Through the accessories you will bring a note of color and freshness in your environments that will make you almost relive your last vacation on the beach. For the result to be optimal, place the elements Turquoise in different places and with some harmony. Cushions, vases, lamps, fabrics, works of art, etc. will help you add color notes without too much effort.


If we still have not convinced you to add a touch of Turquoise In your home, check out these other ideas we've collected on our Pinterest board:

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