Color of the Month – Yellow Mustard

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Color of the Month - Yellow Mustard

Now that we are fully immersed in the autumn, nothing like dedicating our Color of the Month article to a warm and vibrant color like Yellow mustard, a toasted yellow with light dark touches that will illuminate your rooms adding intensity without losing elegance and sophistication. This is possible because the color Yellow mustard, like good earth tone, has the quality of adding texture to the surfaces, which means extra dose of distinction in your environments.

From here we teach you how to use it, whatever your goal!

Interior Mustard Color

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To obtain a restrained and traditional result in your spaces, the chromatic combinations that will work for you will be those that use colors that are close to the Yellow mustard on the color wheel. In this case, colors such as olive green, red or earthy oranges that share a base of color, will result in a moderate and harmonious combination.



The most intense contrast for the Yellow mustard it is with the dark purple blue and the surrounding colors in the chromatic circle, which will help you create contemporary, current and highly contrasted environments. You can use it on carpets, curtains, bedspreads, cushions and even the walls so that your space looks as modern as possible.



Other interesting color options that play in contrast to the Yellow mustard, As we have already said, these are the colors that surround the purple blue in the color wheel, starting with the bluish green, passing through the turquoise, purple until it reaches the fuchsia. It is important to keep in mind that the mixture will work in contrast as long as we make sure to use similar levels of luminosity or darkness of the color, so in this case they would not work with very clear color versions.



Although the use of the range of yellows in interiors is very common to give the spaces a sense of spaciousness, the intensity of the color Yellow mustard it is such that few will be those who dare to use it in the walls of their environments in an integral way. Therefore, choosing to paint one of the walls of the space as an accent and in contrast to the rest, in more moderate colors, is a more moderate solution.



For the more sober and who do not want to give up the use of Yellow mustard In your home, the safe bet is to distribute it in accents of color in complements, details and / or some fabrics here and there. This will give the space a great vitality and style, becoming the great visual focus especially in very neutral environments where white, cream and gray predominate.



Let yourself be infected by the autumnal spirit and open your home to the typical colors you will find in nature during this time of year. For this your ally will be the chocolate brown (of the trees) that together with the Yellow mustard (from the deciduous leaf) they will not only help you create warm and cozy atmospheres, but they will make you feel in the middle of nature.

The most common is to use chocolate brown for large pieces such as furniture, floor and walls and then use the Yellow mustard in a few accessories strategically scattered through space.


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For the unconditional ones of the retro style it is no secret that the color Yellow mustard It is a basic to be able to recreate the aesthetics of past eras. Combined with vintage furniture and the right accessories, you'll get your particular time machine that takes you back to the 60s-70s.


You can find more photos to inspire and decorate in color Yellow mustard on our Pinterest board. Surely you find the option that best suits your style!

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