Colors and key elements to create autumn shop windows

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Decor : Colors and key elements to create autumn shop windows

Autumn shop windows

Window dressing is an art to which large companies do not hesitate to allocate significant resources. Your goal is none other than get the attention of potential customers and for this they use different strategies such as adapting the way of displaying a certain product to a certain season. And yes, it is time for the autumn window displays.

Getting a person who is walking in a hurry down the street in front of your business is not easy. You need to play with different scenographic elements that make whatever you want to sell stand out. And you can find them among those features that characterize autumn and that make it special.


If there is something that we like and we are struck by Autumn, it is the way it transforms our landscapes. Green tones are transformed into yellow, ocher, brown and tiles, thus giving us a warm color palette that we can well transfer to our autumn shop windows.

Fall color palette

Commercial activity moves seasonally and adapting the way you display your product in each one of them is always a good strategy. And there is no reason to modify the concept or the original idea, but it is always recommended introduce colors of the season.

What do they transmit?

Despite all the aforementioned colors being part of a warm color palette, each of them separately transmits different sensations that are important to know. Brown is a neutral color that conveys stability but is not always positively accepted. The ocher colors convey greater closeness; they combine the vibrancy of yellow with the serenity of browns. They are colors, also, very related to the earth, so they are perfect to create very natural environments

Warm colors

Oranges and reds are a riskier bet. Orange is a vital, stimulating color and ideal for decorating creative spaces. A striking color yes, but without the passion and aggressiveness of the color red, which can be considered a characteristic in favor of the first as well as the second, depending on the objective.

You must also take into account that while the monochrome autumn shop windows o with few colors they affect elegance and exclusivity, polychromy contributes to transmitting originality, novelty and daring.

Autumn elements

Autumn temperatures drop, rainfall increases, leaves fall … These and other references can help you adapt your showcase to this season of the year. How? Including these elements associated with these: raincoats, umbrellas, raindrops, leaves …

Leaves and spikes

Leaves are a highly exploited resource in autumn shop windows. Does this mean that you should give them up? Not at all! You can use them creatively or find how to represent them in a way that attracts attention, using representative materials of the brand or reflecting them on screens.

Autumn shop windows

The elements related to meteorology they are another good alternative. Rain and wind are a good base to work on to decorate your shop window, but you will have to find original ways to represent them. You can use an umbrella yes, but do it thinking about how to surprise.

In the same way that you use elements related to meteorology, you can use elements associated with harvests autumn. The ears of corn are very representative of this time of year and very attractive thanks to their ocher tones. Pumpkins, wild apples, chestnuts, mushrooms or pomegranates are also harvested in autumn. Some are difficult to use as they do not have great durability, but you can use dry versions or simply be inspired by their shapes and colors.

These are just a few ideas to create Fall window displays. You can look for more inspiration analyzing the windows of large firms. It is not difficult to search for images of these on the internet using keywords such as “window display” or “shop window” in search engines, in addition to those you would use in Spanish. Do you like firms to invest in their windows? What usually catches your attention about these?

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