Colors For Your Small Bathroom

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Do you have a small bathroom and you don’t know what color to choose? In this article we show you alternatives in different colors that you can consider to decorate and optimize your space. We invite you to take a look at these designs that can help you make your little room look magnificent.

As we know, there is an infinite variety of color combinations to incorporate in any space, it all depends on the effect we want to achieve. When we have little space, perhaps we look for that look bigger than it is. To achieve this they are usually used Light colors as the main base, which include whites, sand tones, grays and soft colors such as pastels. On the other hand, if you have a small bathroom and you are passionate about dark shades, black, gray scales and deep blues can contribute to this by harmonizing these colors with other neutrals and with adequate lighting.

So we can also get different effects just changing the color of our environment. If you are looking for a bathroom relaxingDon’t hesitate to include cool colors like blue or green. If you need your bathroom to look more cozy, small doses of red, orange or brown will help to achieve this.

Small Bathrooms in Light Colors

Light colors help create the feeling of spaciousness in a small space; the walls are expanded, achieving a brighter and even more airy environment. Among the most used light colors we find white, gray, beige, light gray and pastels.

White Color for your Small Bathroom:

It is essential to mention this neutral. Its use is very common for small spaces, it is not only powerful to illuminate and create the opening effect but it has other advantages: It is a light color that works very well as a base to include other secondary colors in the decoration. It combines with everything, it is very versatile. What’s more, a cleaner space is perceived. If you adapt ceramics or paint in a glossy finish, the light will reflect more and this is ideal for small spaces with low light.

Small Bathroom Colors: Beige

This neutral is perfect to add calm and comfort subtle to the environment. It is a discreet shade. If you include this color in your walls, either with ceramics or paint, you will make the rest of your bathroom decoration stand out. It combines with everything.

small gray bathroom

One way to enhance the elegance of beige is by integrating a glossy dark accent wall. To reinforce this scheme, a great linear lighting is added in the mirror area.

Gray Walls:

It is also a neutral that is used more and more in home decoration. Is a tone elegant and sophisticated that will also help make your space look wider. It is conservative and formal. It has a calming effect and works very well in modern settings.

In this gray-walled bathroom, the wooden objects They enhance the room and make it a more welcoming space. Use direct lighting for the sink area to make it more functional. The Hanging lamps from the ceiling save space on the walls and leave space to place other accessories.

Soft Pastels:

Your small bathroom will feel larger than it is if you choose pastel as the main color. They include a lot of white base, it is the lightest version of any color, therefore, bring a soft glow to your small space. If you are looking to go beyond gray or beige, choose one of these colors to add a soft finish to your small space. They generate a relaxing and welcoming effect.

Cool Colors for the Small Bathroom

Add cool colors to your intimate space if you want to perceive a space relaxing and peaceful. They help you perceive your wider environment. They create a cooler atmosphere.

Bathrooms in Azul:

This color is widely used to decorate the bathroom. It is perfect to include topics related to the sea and the sky, for example. It helps to reduce stress.

Small bathroom that includes the steel blue in the main column and in the front wall. Gray fits very well on the central wall of the sink, as the detail of including horizontal tiles makes this area look wider than it is. And, consequently, it contributes to creating balance in the small environment.

A small, narrow bathroom with different shades of blue. The floor and the walls use the same type of coating, ideal for creating a continuity effect and fooling the eye, making it perceive wider than it is. The gray blue painted front wall creates depth to the space.

A cabinet above the turquoise washbasin will be the star of your neutral bathroom. Will add freshness and calm.

Green for Small Bathroom

Add a soft green to your bathroom walls if you need calm and vitality to your space. This color is related to the natural. It transmits harmony and renews us.

The walls of this bathroom in mint green soft are perfect for creating a decoration with vintage elements. Despite being a small space, it looks charming, bright and well organized. Take advantage of any free wall to include shelves, such as the area above the toilet.

If you are looking for a fun space for children, this combination of wallcovering with tablets in different shades of green will create a dose of freshness to the small bathroom.

As we know, dark colors absorb natural light from the environment. In this bathroom the ceramics in dark green They have only been included in the lower half of the wall and the entire floor. The upper white color is perfect to harmonize the room.

Purple and white

Purple is elegant and ideal to use as a decorative accent. Create a soothing touch to the bathroom. In this design it is added in the toilet area. The large mirror helps the purple to duplicate in the room.

Warm Colors in Small Bathrooms

Warm colors help give your space personality. They are powerful and become the protagonists of any environment. Use small proportions of warm colors in the decoration of your small bathroom, they can saturate your space and get to overwhelm you.

Red Decorated Bathroom:

Red awakens our senses, is energizing and immediately draws our attention. Provides warmth and visual interest if you are looking to highlight one of the areas of your small space.

White and red bathroom with black painted metal details. The red wall includes mirrors and circular lampshades to balance the linear shapes of the furniture and side walls.

You can introduce small pops of red in your bathroom with towels or some accessories. It is a simple and inexpensive alternative.

For a feminine approach, the fuchsia it can be your ideal color. An accent wall accompanied by accessories of the same color in the sink area may be sufficient. It radiates warmth, playfulness and a romantic touch to the space.


An optimistic and also youthful color. To give that vitality of orange to your bathroom, you can include it as a decorative accent. You can balance its intensity by adding a neutral tone to the decoration.

Intense orange on the central wall will be enough to attract positive energies to your room. If you use a gloss finish paint, the natural light will reflect off the walls and it will appear larger and brighter.

In the same way, neutral tones are added to balance and soften the orange. Both brown and beige are introduced in this small space.


Yellow is the color of happiness. It is exhilarating and joyful. It fills us with energy and positivity. In this room, decorated with beach elements, yellow is added in the area of ​​the sink and the shower. To create the feeling of spaciousness, add a clear glass shower door. The central wooden structure is a good contribution of balance and texture to the space.

Small Dark Bathrooms:

A bathroom decorated in dark colors is attractive, elegant and sophisticated. Include dark tones by combining them with lighter tones, creating a modern monochrome scheme.

Add accessories with metallic details or mirrors to reflect natural or artificial light. And you can even harmonize your small space with textures in patterns or some textiles such as lighter towels or rugs.

Small Brown and White Bathroom:

In this small room they place the same type of tiles for the ceiling and for the wall in the shower area. It is an option to create continuity and it looks bigger than it is. Clear glass shower doors expand the space. In the same way, recessed shelves inside the shower wall save a few inches. And finally, dark furniture in a glossy finish reflects the lights from the interior, visually enlarging the space and creating a more elegant approach.

Accent Walls:

Add visual interest with an accent wall to your small bathroom. You can choose a different color of wall paint, a wallpaper or tile design with geometric patterns, and even textured wallcovering.

This beautiful bathroom includes a beautiful wallpaper in black and white hexagonal patterns. It is unified to the total decoration of the environment. Do not forget to select accessories that go according to the size of your space.

In this cute bathroom, an accent wall with raised paneling is included. This texture adds warmth to this monochromatic space.

Some recommendations

  • Use furniture made of lightweight material. It takes advantage of a free wall portion and includes built-in wall shelves. Paint them the same color as the walls.
  • The furniture …

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