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Decor : Comprehensive Reform Company in the heart of Barcelona

Summer is usually one of the preferred dates for families to undertake this reform in their homes that has been around for so long. Changing the layout of the house, painting the walls or renovating the bathroom are some of the most common actions. However, this type of reform requires preparation time, time that begins with the search for a suitable company that can make the proposed changes a reality and that guarantees a perfect finish. This is the case of Accesible Reformas, a reform and interior design company in Barcelona.

Company dedicated to comprehensive reforms

When a reform is undertaken in a home, it is done with the idea of ​​improving those things, that over time, its owners have realized. As we have already said, to carry out these comprehensive reforms, one of the most important things is to choose a company that advises us at all times and for this the experience in the sector is a degree. In the case of the company Accesible Reformas, they have been in the sector for more than 25 years, a time in which they have had to face a multitude of problems, finding the ideal solution for each of these situations.

In addition to conditioning the apartment or house to the needs of the tenant, Carrying out a comprehensive reform will guarantee us a revaluation of it, which will allow us to sell it for a higher price in the event of having to change homes for whatever reason.

How much does a reform cost?

Without a doubt, this is the main question that everyone asks when they decide to take the step and undertake a reform in their home, regardless of the magnitude of it. Before taking the step, it is necessary to know in advance an approximation of the price to know if our economy will allow us to face this expense.

To make this whole process easier, and it is not necessary to request a quote, on the website of the company Accesible Reformas, they show us how much this type of reform could cost, but they do it by items, which allows us to know a more exact wreck of the changes we want to make. In this way, we can find ourselves from how much the building license costs, to demolition work or ceramic coatings. Of course, they are approximate prices that can vary, but for a first contact it can be of great help.

If you look at their website, the average price of a comprehensive reform would be around € 52,900, a price that includes everything from permits to painting. In any case, it is always necessary to request a customized budget since there may be items that are not necessary to include, thus varying the final price of the reform.

So now you know, in the case of thinking about reforming your home, having a company with many years of experience, will guarantee that the end result is as expected.

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