Contrast of materials and functionality for the headquarters of the General Treasury of the Social Security of Motril

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Decor : Contrast of materials and functionality for the headquarters of the General Treasury of the Social Security of Motril

In Motril a headquarters of the General Treasury of the Social Security was built in order to cover the needs of expanding space. The project was commissioned to Erisur Arquitectura, and is seen as the execution of a building with a square section, with one of its corners chamfered. The building is made up of two basement floors, a ground floor, two office floors, a cassette and a roof.

What has been sought in this project has been to create a flexible, administrative building, with the character of institutional representation, which allows it to adapt to possible changes in the future.

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Likewise, it has sought to shape a building with a modern appearance that integrates with the environment creating spaces that favor transition and dialogue and in which its structure provides warmth and harmony, giving way to light as one of its main protagonists. . This, in addition to configuring functional and empty interior spaces so that they can be occupied in multiple ways, with offices, meeting rooms or customer service areas.

All these uses require a highly resistant and durable configuration of materials and solutions that are capable of responding to such needs and expectations. For this, Esperanza Romeu has relied on the specialized and technical work of GUBIA Group, a Sevillian studio specialized in the design and construction of spaces in wood and bamboo, and POLYGROUP, International company based in Seville, manufacturer of high quality technical floors.

Both Grupo GUBIA and POLYGROUP have been two key allies in this expansion of the Social Security offices, each providing designs and solutions to match the circumstances and that have largely defined the appearance of the building.

A bamboo skin that bathes the interior

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Faced with an exterior skin of exposed concrete that is sometimes also exposed inside the building, Grupo GUBIA bamboo gives these offices a cozy working environment inside. Doors flush with cladding, bamboo slats as lattices that cover ceilings, breastplates, railings … or pieces of the same material that cover the communication stairs between the different floors, are an example of the careful level of detail of the entire project.

The idea of ​​a continuous bamboo cladding – as a material that in addition to providing warmth to spaces gives them great strength, durability and resistance – is evident in every meeting, in every corner, in every detail. “The contrast of concrete with bamboo, which provides just that point of warmth that we were looking for for a workspace, is ideal. This has been the first work in which we have used bamboo in these quantities and the result is more than satisfactory. GUBIA’s work has been impeccable and they have been very respectful and faithful to my idea of ​​design, color, slat cutting… ”, adds the architect.

The interior of the building thus opens to the exterior with large vertical rips to present a façade that also features a dance of metal slats that filter direct light into the interior, creating dynamic shadows in constant movement. The entrance is delicately delimited, allowing one to sense the spaces on both sides.

“The truth is that GUBIA’s work improved our expectations. They approached the project with great clarity from the beginning, we spoke the same language and it was very comfortable for us. They have brought many positive things to the work and the fact that they have their own workshop makes the pieces, made one by one, like works of handicraft ”.

A raised floor that accompanies and contributes to aesthetics

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As an office space in question, the flooring to choose was another of the most important points in the project. Seeking functionality and greater efficiency, with a floor that complied with all European regulations, that was registrable to channel the facilities and that, in turn, would accompany aesthetics was the great premise. For this reason, the architecture studio chose POLYGROUP’s advanced solutions, which participated from the design phase in the drafting of specifications and contributions of top-quality materials with exclusive design.

Specifically, the raised, registrable pavement installed in the 2,000mtwo that make up this large workspace has been the GAMAFLOR PAC, manufactured with high-density wood particles, galvanized steel lower support and finished with a vertical bamboo design. A finish that the company has made with the new system

SOVEREIGN TECH, which makes it possible to hide the edging of the floor tiles, offering a homogeneous aesthetic, in which the joints of a modular flooring are hardly noticeable, and which encourages the continuous design that the architecture studio was looking for for the project. This appearance of homogeneity, of continuity, was another reason why bamboo was chosen as the floor finish. Unlike what could be achieved with traditional wooden floors, bamboo has a linear grain that allowed to drag that aesthetic of continuity also between the floor and the walls.

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This project is, without a doubt, a space rich in textures that has made use of the raised access floor as one more part of its design, taking advantage of the great advantages and functionality that it allows.

The result has been a building with an impeccable appearance that will serve all its users and visitors without any problems over the years.

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