Create a Scandinavian dining room at home

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Decor : Create a Scandinavian dining room at home

Scandinavian dining room

He Scandinavian style, also known as Nordic style, It is a trend that has become one of the most sought after for the advantages it brings us. It offers warm, spacious and open spaces, with furniture that is modern and cozy. It is an ecological style that uses wood and recyclable materials in addition to thinking above all about functionality.

The dining area is an important place where we gather to enjoy family and friends. That is why it is an area where we must create a cozy atmosphere. This time we will look for inspiration in the Scandinavian style.

Environments in white tones

White dining room

He white color is one of the main points if we want to create a dining room in Nordic style. This tone is one of the most used in a style that seeks simplicity and open and clear environments. The dining room can have white walls, white wood furniture and some details that add color, although as we say white should always be the protagonist. In addition, it is a great idea if our dining room is not too large or bright, since the white color will help us create the feeling that the space is much larger.

Furniture in light wood

Scandinavian furniture

The furniture that we choose for the dining room is also an important part when it comes to defining the style. The furniture they have light wood are usually the best choice for this style, as they add a lot of warmth to the white color. You can choose furniture that mixes white paint with wood in light tones, a pairing that many people like and that is typical of the Scandinavian style. These pieces of furniture are functional, but they are also simple, with basic although current shapes. They are designed to last a long time, since it is a type of furniture that does not go out of style thanks to the simple design it has.

Pastel shades

You can add some color to your Nordic dining room, since it is a style that can sometimes be too neutral. If we only use white colors we can get bored with them, so in the Nordic style some shades are allowed, the most common being pastel colors. These types of colors are very soft and have the ability to not subtract light from the environments as they are so clear. In addition, they bring some joy to the Nordic spaces that are sometimes too white. Shades such as pastel pink or aqua green are widely used and can be perfect to add a touch of color.

Add some plants

Plants in the dining room

The Scandinavian style is a style that blends in with nature and tends to be ecological. That is why in many places we can see how they use the plants to decorate. If you want a nice dining room, you can add green colors with plants on shelves or on a sideboard. It is a nice detail that adds serenity to the environments.

Nordic chairs

Scandinavian chairs

In the dining room we always need a good set of tables and chairs that make everything look pretty and that also tells us about the style of the room. The chairs are very important in this regard, and we have chairs that are typically Scandinavian with a white back and wooden legs. You can also add chairs with light tones or some that are wooden and vintage looking, as it is a style that combines well with the Nordic touch.

Spotlight lamps


In the dining room you also have to think about lighting. This point is important and today we have many lamps to choose from. Among them are cool light bulbs which are also inspired by the industrial touch.

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