Create a workspace from a modern secretary

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Create a workspace from a modern secretary

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The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy of Language defines secreter as a "Furniture with writing board and drawers for storing papers." However, we all have a clear picture of what a classic secretary and we will agree that from our image we can extract many more nuances.

The secretary desk is a classic and elegant piece of furniture that has decorated workspaces for years. He still does today but with a renewed design, lighter than those of yesteryear in order to adapt to new homes. If you are looking for a piece of furniture from which to create a small work space at home, a modern secretary can be a good starting point for it.

Why choose a modern secretary?

The secretary is still one of the most interesting pieces for create small workspace at home either in the hall, the living room or the bedroom. Generally made of wood, modern secreters provide you with a desk area to place your computer and different compartments that allow you to organize our work tools. But there are other reasons to choose this piece of furniture.


1.Secreter Hemnes de Ikea, 2. Secreter Müller

  • They take up little space: Do you work from home but do not have an exclusive room for it? Do you want to have your own space in which to read emails and tidy up your invoices? Modern secreters take up little space and provide you with more than just a place to put your computer.
  • Everything you need in a single piece of furniture. A modern secretary allows you to have everything you need to work in a single piece of furniture. It combines a desk table and small-scale storage space. It provides you with a surface to place the computer and take notes, as well as small compartments or drawers to organize desk supplies and small notebooks.
  • It adapts to modern spaces: Modern secreters are made to adapt to current spaces. They have a smaller size and clean lines that help their integration into an existing space to which they can also contribute a lot of personality. Made of wood, you can find them with different finishes and in different colors.

Secreter types

Where are you going to place it? With how many Available space accounts? What kind of tasks are you going to do? Your needs and the space available in your home will be determining factors when choosing a secretary to create a work area. Wall, light or with hinged door? You choose.

Wall secretary

Floating furniture is a great alternative in small spaces They are light and allow an unobstructed view of space, which provides a feeling of spaciousness. They are also very complete since in addition to a surface on which to place the computer and some compartments that remain hidden when finished working, they usually include integrated lighting and power socket.

Aesthetically they fit perfectly in minimalist spaces since they can be camouflaged on the wall through color. They are also common in children's spaces; When playing is still a priority, they allow us to maximize the space of games.

Secretary desk

They are the ones that most resemble the classic secreters, since like those they have a "door" which allows us to hide the workspace, making documents and work tools disappear from our sight with a simple movement. A feature that in addition to helping us disconnect will help the spaces and see more orderly.

These secreters usually have a compact design and integrate different storage solutions: From chest of drawers to shelves for storing books or sorting documents. Designs in medium or light wood are probably the most popular, but it is also possible to find them in modern combinations of colors or materials.

Light secretary

We have called light to those desk tables that integrate storage solutions but do not reach the height of those with doors. At these tables it is usual to replace or complement storage vertical with horizontal, integrating various organizational systems for desk tools under the desk surface.

You will find numerous designs made of walnut and with a natural or white lacquered finish. Today the most popular in our homes are those that are adapted to the Nordic trend, but there is another group of secreters as much or more interesting inspired by classic designs but lighter and with cleaner lines than these.

The modern secretary is an ideal piece to give prominence to any corner of your home. The ones we propose range from € 200 to € 5,000. Yes, some of our proposals are design and very exclusive, could you guess which ones?

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