Creative and very easy ideas to decorate your balcony in summer

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Decor : Creative and very easy ideas to decorate your balcony in summer

creative ideas decoration balconies

With the arrival of summer there are also many creative ideas to decorate your balcony. There are many ways to decorate balconies, even if you do not have such a large space. So if you want to enjoy your space, which is almost always forgotten, then see the different ways you can decorate your balcony with creative but at the same time very simple ideas.

creative stylish balcony ideas

Whether you have a large balcony or one with limited space, you still need style. Also a combination of colors and textures to look cozy. A good start is that you try to bring or combine the interior of your home with your balcony. As for the colors, of course, you can also use the same ones that you have inside your home.

creative ideas balcony decoration

However, in the same way you can also choose to do something different to mark the space and make it look special. You can easily go for a monochrome color scheme, neutral tones, or bright, eye-catching colors. Of course there are no specific rules.

creative ideas cozy balcony

Although, we recommend you take into account some tips to transform your balcony into a cozy place and enjoy the summer. There is no doubt that with the arrival of high temperatures you will want to spend a little more time on your balcony. Whether it is to breathe fresh air, enjoy the sun and the scenery. Or simply share with your family and friends.

creative ideas elegant balcony

The balconies can be considered as mini escapes. These can mentally transport us to a place that gives us peace. Well, before starting to renovate your balcony, you should think about the materials you want to choose. Furniture materials are really very important.

Creative ideas for balconies with weather resistant furniture

creative ideas functional balcony

They can make a big difference between a soaking wet balcony and a lasting investment. Materials like wicker, wrought iron. Teak and plastic are an excellent option to have on your balcony, and even more so when your balcony is open. In the same way you must take into account the size.

creative ideas balcony compact furniture

If you have a balcony with very limited space you will not want to place a large sofa or a flower pot that occupies almost the entire entrance. Also don’t be afraid of all the creative ideas you may have. You can decorate with rugs that are for the outdoors, rope lights or lanterns, flower pots.

ideas-creative balcony artificial grass

And you can even think of small folding furniture to enjoy a nice dinner. Apart from the furniture, there is something that should not be missing on a balcony and even inside a home, plants. Of course, we are not recommending you have a small jungle in your home, but a few plants always do well.

creative ideas balcony decoration yellow

The plants on your balcony will help give a touch of life and color to that space. Beautiful plants undoubtedly add attractiveness to the decoration. There are even plenty of creative ideas for decorating with plants both indoors and outdoors. It is always good and very comforting to have a little bit of nature nearby.

creative ideas decorated balcony

Plants provide a feeling of calm. It is worth mentioning that there are many plants that can be perfectly both indoors and outdoors. But in the same way you should get some advice before choosing. Flowers like geraniums and begonias, as well as hardy bamboo and fresh herbs, thrive on a balcony.

Creative ideas to decorate balconies with folding furniture

creative ideas balcony folding chairs

Vertical gardens are perfect for small balconies. These provide nice vegetation without taking up much space. Which is why it makes them so appreciated on most balconies. In the same way they are excellent to give a touch of life to urban apartments. Since the plants and flowers provide colors and textures, making the space look a little wider.

creative ideas beach style balcony

Hanging flower pots with green plants usually make an impact on your balcony. Without a doubt, creating a vertical garden is like creating a work of art full of life and color. So keep in mind the plants that are best for you to have on your balcony. As well as the amount of light they will receive and the maintenance you can give them. Since there are people who do not have much time to dedicate to caring for them.

creative ideas elegant balcony

The issue of privacy is also a point that should be kept in mind as it generally plays an important role. If you live in an apartment or in a tight-knit community, complete privacy may be a little difficult to achieve. But there are some creative ideas so you can avoid the looks of your neighbors and have a more personal space.

creative ideas modern balcony

You could use tall plants, vines, and even shrubs for a quick fix. And at the same time they will help you beautify your space a little more. In the same way, the weather resistant textiles and the cloth tapestries are great to also close a little in space. And at the same time they could provide you with shade if you need it.

Creative ideas to decorate balconies with beautiful and colorful plants

creative ideas colorful plants

You could even purchase privacy screens as well. You can find them from metal to bamboo. Although yes, your balcony is large and you have the purchasing power, you can build a screen lattice and cover it with climbing plants.

creative ideas luxurious balcony

A rolled up bamboo fence has the magical ability to create the illusion of privacy when it is not there, even on the smallest balconies. Adding some chain lights to a bamboo fence can also give you that feeling of being in the tropics.

creative ideas balcony comfortable furniture

If the bamboo fence doesn’t appeal to you much, you also have the option of putting fake ivy on your balcony. It is an artificial fencing panel, which is also perfect for creating privacy. You can also provide green spaces where there are none. It is perfect for people who don’t like to have real plants.

creative ideas balcony hammock

A room divider can also create a pleasant illusion of privacy if you share the space with a neighbor. Once you have thought about these small aspects, the decoration to renew your balcony will be very easy. But to help you out a little more, check out all the creative yet simple ideas and get to work.

creative ideas minimalist balcony

There are countless creative ideas with which you can turn your balcony into a small urban oasis with beautiful vegetation. Or just make it your favorite summer reading corner. It is that you really do not need many square meters to create a charming and at the same time functional space.

Creative ideas for more privacy with a bamboo screen on your balcony

creative ideas balcony screen awning

All you need are some elements or accessories and a little imagination to bring the balcony you want to life. The really important thing is that you decorate and create a space taking into account comfort and functionality. It is truly amazing how a simple rug can change the look of a space or room.

creative ideas balcony bamboo screen

A rug can make the space look sophisticated and adds a touch of Mediterranean flair. Instead of a small coffee table or side table, you can choose ottomans for your balcony. With this you can have footrests, rest and be super comfortable. In the same way you can use it as a coffee table.

creative ideas wood balcony

Depending on the space you have on your balcony, you can also design a small living room. It will be great if you want to spend a lot of time there. To make it even more cozy, place armchairs, a super comfortable sofa. As well as a small coffee table, a nice rug.

creative ideas simple balcony

But remember that if your balcony is open, the furniture materials must be weather resistant. If your space is limited then try to buy and place furniture that can be stowed or folded when not in use.

ideas-creative balcony furniture wood

On the other hand, instead of thinking of a living room or a sofa, you can opt for a slim bench. Of course this will take up less space. But you can still be cozy by adding some cushions, pillows and a blanket.

Creative ideas to decorate a small balcony in summer

creative outdoor rug ideas

Although if you prefer, it is not necessary to invest in outdoor furniture for your balcony. You can always have the great idea of ​​placing large colorful and very comfortable pillows on the floor of your balcony. This would be perfect for people who live in a rented apartment and want to enjoy the balcony but without investing in furniture that later they will not know if they can use elsewhere.

creative ideas balcony lounger

Without a doubt, we will all agree that string or rope lights add a touch of magic to any space. And even more so when they are outdoor spaces. So strategically place string lights on your balcony and make a bold yet warm statement.

creative ideas balcony with hammock

String lights could be the focal point in your balcony decoration in summer. It could even help you by giving even a romantic touch and enjoying a delicious dinner with your partner. You also don’t need to set up a large table to create a functional dining room.

creative ideas balcony vertical garden

The compact functional tables are great as they are designed to save space. And they are much more necessary when your balcony space is limited. These small tables can also provide you with a work area. Decorating a balcony and putting creative ideas into practice to turn that space into something special, whether it is open or closed is the dream of most people.

creative ideas cozy space

A place which you can use to relax, enjoy with family or friends. Tasting a delicious dinner or simply admiring the scenery from an alter is definitely worth it. That is why, the goal is to create a space that looks like an extension of the interior of your home.

Creative ideas for a very original and cheerful balcony decoration

creative ideas cheerful balcony

Beautiful and suitable weather resistant elements will make a great change. Everything we do, without exception, including of course the decoration we must do with great enthusiasm and love. The desire and desire you have to transform your balcony into your little oasis is what really matters.

creative ideas balcony sturdy furniture

That is why we tell you from the beginning to take into account and think ahead of time the material of the furniture, the size. Also the colors, the textiles, the floor, the plants and more. You can even get plenty of creative ideas from experts who won’t hesitate to help you out with some advice.

creative ideas comfortable balcony

Also take into account the opinion of your family and friends. Since new ideas could come up that you may not have been able to imagine. In general, when we decide to decorate the exterior of our home or in this case the balcony or terrace, we choose the decoration and style that we already have inside our home.

Creative ideas to decorate a spacious and beautiful balcony

creative ideas spacious balcony

Of course this works for most people very well. Since having both the interior and the exterior create the feeling of harmony. Thus obtaining an extension of the room that is close to the balcony. The balcony is almost always connected to the living room or dining room.

creative ideas small space

Although there are bedrooms that also have a small balcony. However, it doesn’t really matter where your balcony is. The important thing is that you can have a space like the one you want for your tranquility and distraction. For this reason we want these different creative ideas to inspire you.

creative ideas balcony plants

As we indicated, although most try to have the same decoration, it is not mandatory. You do not have to have the same style of the interior of your home on your balcony. Having a different style and decoration can be equally satisfying to visually separate the spaces.

creative remodeling balcony ideas

creative ideas narrow balcony

creative ideas small balcony bench

creative ideas balcony wood floor

creative ideas balcony summer

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