Creative bedroom storage ideas

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Decor : Creative bedroom storage ideas

Storage in the bedroom

The bedroom area is a resting place where we have many things of our own, since it is a very personal space. That is why it is another of those places where you have to measure storage very well and all the furniture we have to store things, since they will become essential.

Let’s see some bedroom storage ideas that can help you to have everything much more organized. There are many ways to increase storage taking advantage of all the square meters of the bedroom.

Create a separate dressing room

Dressing room

One of the storage furniture that most occupies us in the bedroom is the closet, in which we keep our clothes, accessories and sometimes also blankets and sheets. That is why if we have a small room it is a great idea turn it into a great dressing room in which to keep all our clothes well ordered and classified, with footwear and accessories in place. If you are a fashion lover you can surely enjoy having a dressing room in which to add modular furniture and shelves to store all those things. This will give you much more space in the bedroom.

Built-in furniture

Storage in the bedroom

Another idea that makes us make the most of every corner in the bedroom is the built-in furniture. This type of furniture is usually installed up to the ceiling occupying all the available space, in order to use the largest number of square meters for storage. From shelves to built-in cabinets, they adapt to the space and do not leave useless gaps, which is a great advantage.

Add a nice dresser

Storage bins

The chests can be perfect for storing things that we use a lot and we want to have separated from the rest such as socks or underwear. They are furniture that also have a lot of charm and to which a mirror can be added on top. They are very decorative and we can find them with many styles, making it a piece that we really like for the bedroom area, although it takes up a lot of space.

Storage in bed

Beds with storage

Another possibility to store clothes that are out of season or blankets and sheets is to buy a bed with storage underneath. Instead of having a bed with legs with a bottom in which you can not put anything, we can buy one with a trundle in which to store all this, as it is quite a lot of space. There are those who choose to buy boxes with wheels for the area under the bed but the idea of ​​the couch is certainly much more elegant. In the children’s bedrooms you can also see the beds that have drawers at the bottom to store your things.

Shelves on the walls

Shelves in the bedroom

You can take advantage of walls to put some shelves, since in them you can save things. Normally, if they are small shelves, they are used to put a picture, a vase with a plant or candles. But they can always be used to put books and other things.

Modular furniture

The modular furniture is very practical because they can be added to our bedroom as the needs arise. They adapt to spaces and can be included up to the ceiling. So at the top we can save many things. They can be added around the bed or on the other side. Be that as it may, it is a very versatile idea that can be used to take advantage of all the corners of the bedroom and to include parts as we have different needs, since new shelving modules and shelves can be added.

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