Creative ideas of easy crafts with autumn leaves –

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Creative ideas of easy crafts with autumn leaves -

creative ideas of leaf-garland crafts

Fall crafts are not reserved for children but can be done with them. In fact, there are numerous creative ideas of crafts with dry leaves to bring the beauty of the season to your home. Decoration with autumn leaves is much more versatile than other fall decorations. You can incorporate sheets in a centerpiece, make some works of art on the wall and more. Go outside and pick up some of your favorite fallen sheets or make your own sheets of paper.

Creative ideas of easy crafts with sheets

creative craft ideas-fabric

Let your autumn decoration speak for itself with this beautiful wreath of autumn leaves. With rustic touches of burlap and acorns, this garland becomes unique by adding custom sheets on which you can write what you want. Start by drawing sheets with different shapes on cardboard of different colors typical for autumn. Then cut them out. Take 3 shapes of burlap leaves and stack them together.

creative glue craft ideas

Place a small amount of hot glue under the top sheet to secure them together. Then add some hot glue to the acorn and press on the pile of leaves. Use hot glue to secure your leaves and acorns to some jute. You already have a beautiful wreath to show this season.

creative craft ideas cutouts

Tired of the traditional autumn color palette in yellow off beige and orange? Don't be afraid to embrace a more colorful cold season. Simply try using a muted color palette of all your favorite shades. This autumn wreath of colorful leaves uses a touch of acrylic handmade paint to give the wood leaves a color change. The addition of golden letters by hand makes this garland can welcome your guests in the most colorful way.

Creative craft ideas for fall

creative ideas of diy-bright-colored crafts

Start by painting the wood sheets with acrylic paint for crafts. The shades of pink, orange, yellow and blue work very well for autumn. Add lavender to get the look of this garland. Once all the leaves are painted, let the paint dry.


Once the paint is dry, use a marker or gold paint marker to write your choice phrase on the sheets. Then, superimpose the sheets and use a glue gun to join them together for each word.


Once the hot glue has dried, turn the words over and add some hot glue to attach the sheets to a piece of thread the length depends on the size of your sheets and your choice. Repeat with all your words and add glue to the additional leaves at each end of the garland to complete it.


Once the glue has been fixed, tie a small loop at each end and hang across your mantelpiece or in the window for a fun and colorful fall appearance.

Creative craft ideas to decorate the house in autumn


Dreamcatcher making is a great craft for children and today we invite you to make a dreamcatcher interpretation! Take the pencils and make this autumnal hanging decoration particularly easy and uncomplicated to do with children. Because these fall leaf hunters are very pretty you can use them to hang them in a sunny window. It is a fun alternative to stick them to the window and the addition of glass beads in the colors of autumn makes it an especially beautiful piece of autumn decoration.


Use paint to decorate the autumn leaves. You'll want to paint at least 6 sheets for your hanging decoration, so this is a great craft to do in a group! Have fun experimenting with different combinations of colors and leaf designs. Let it dry overnight. Cut a piece of soft flexible wire and run it through the hole at the top of each sheet. Tie in a double knot.


Place the string of several autumn glass beads to decorate the wire. Continue adding leaves to the frame of your decoration, varying the length of the wire to create different heights of leaves. Also be sure to add sheets to each of the three rows of wire in the frame to place some inside the frame and others outside. This step must be done by an adult!


When the leaves of the trees begin to change color, you know that autumn is coming. This crown of origami leaves that changes color in autumn pays homage to the nature of the beautiful autumn show by creating a rainbow of folded paper sheets. A few simple folds and some arrangement will give you a beautiful crown of paper sheets perfect for decorating your front porch for fall. The perfect fall craft for beginners!

Creative craft ideas to decorate the door


Start by cutting your paper in half diagonally to create two triangular pieces. For dimensions and sheets of different sizes, leave a triangle as cut, and fold and cut the second triangle into two smaller triangles.


Begin by folding the triangles to create an accordion starting at the long end and advancing to the tip of the triangle. Once your triangle is completely folded, fold the strip in half with the long edges facing each other and glue it along to create the sheet. Repeat to make as many triangles as necessary to fit around your crown shape. You will need approximately 30-40 sheets depending on how full you want your crown.


Once the leaves are made, start sticking them in their crown shape with hot glue. Arrange and glue the leaves in place to completely cover the crown shape. Once full, your crown is ready to hang.



Without a doubt, autumn is the favorite season for many lovers of creative craft ideas. The changing color of the leaves, pumpkins, fresh air and the warmth of the home. That sounds good! A great way to enjoy the season is to update the decoration of the house with cozy touches like this fun crown that incorporates burlap, grinders, colorful buttons and wooden letters.

Creative ideas of original crafts


Wrap a foam crown with burlap tape, securing the start of the ribbon to the crown with hot glue and overlapping the tape slightly as you go. Add pinwheels to the top of the crown by trimming it with a pliers.

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<p style=Add some hot glue around the base of the stem and stick it on the foam crown. Alternate the green, orange and yellow colors of the pinwheel as you add the leaves around the crown.


Glue the orange, yellow and green buttons to the burlap ribbon between the windlasses. Use handmade paint and a brush to paint wooden letters to spell what you want. Paste the letters on a burlap ribbon that extends behind the crown. Cut the ribbon and glue it to the back of the crown.

Hang your pretty crown to decorate a wall or door for the fall!


This DIY fall wreath will add a modern touch of sparkle inside or outside your home this fall season. It is made of fake leaves, which is perfect for warmer climates or for anyone who wants their crown to last more than one season. Gold, silver and copper paints create a monochromatic color scheme that will coordinate with any entrance door.


Glue the loose leaves over the crown frame. Try not to overlap the sheets. Place the crown in a plastic container. Paint with one of the metallic colors the one you like best. Add another layer of loose leaves that cover the crown shape. Replace the crown in the plastic container and spray that second layer of leaves with a different metallic spray paint.


Spray in small bursts to let the first color pass. Set the crown aside to dry. Spread the leaf garland. We advise you to make a garland so that you can later use it in home decoration. Place the leaf garland in the plastic container and spray with silver metallic paint. Let dry.


Move the garland to expose different parts of the leaves. Spray these with gold spray paint. Let dry. Move the wreath one more time. You will see that some parts of the leaves need paint. Spray these parts with the golden spray paint. Let dry.


Wrap and twist the golden metallic color garland to fit the shape of the crown. Hold one end of the garland against the front of the crown shape. Wrap the wire over the garland, through the center of the crown and upwards. Keep wrapping the wire over the garland while working around the crown. That's! A beautiful metallic autumn wreath that is the perfect decorative piece for an entrance door or a wall.




How can we not fall in love with autumnal tones?
The DIY crowns that we show you today and the crowns in general are the best way to incorporate fall foliage at home, to boost that cozy mood that the season offers us. If you like to make crafts you can have fun making these crowns only with children or with some friends.

Creative ideas of modern crafts

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<p style=You already have enough creative ideas of traditional round crowns crafts for the entrance door. Now we continue with a more modern version with different ways to place anywhere in the house. This version features a round loom and fringes, not exactly traditional.

For supplies and foliage, simply visit a florist near home and choose especially beautiful foliage with beautiful autumn vibes. Depending on where you live, nature has many foliage solutions to offer, so you don't necessarily have to go to the florist. We love to present DIY home projects without complex tools!


To make this modern fall wreath you will need. 2 magnolia branches, fall foliage branches, 2 flowers of your choice, green ribbon (you can use affordable cable or just ask your florist while buying flowers for some ribbons), scissors, threads, golden elastic thread, embroidery hoop.


Begin by placing 2 large branches of magnolia in opposite directions. This will become the central part of the composition. Add fall foliage in both directions, trying to let the magnolia leaves come out at each end. Secure everything together with some tape or wire. Add the flowers to the central part, covering the "empty" center section.


Set your linear crown aside and grab the threads: cut them all the same length and place them in the hoops as shown. Also cut a length of golden elastic thread and place it in front of the stripes. Close the embroidery ring well. Use the amount of wire you need to make the crown adhere to the ring composition.






Finally, something easier to decorate the wall in the fall season. Soon you will begin to see the huge stacks of golden leaves everywhere. This autumn we invite you to bring those beautiful leaves inside, and create this fall wreath! It can be fun to walk around the park to pick up leaves and pineapples, for this easy project, which is also a DIY activity suitable for children if you plan to involve them.

Creative ideas of crafts with natural materials

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<p style=The materials you need are 6 to 10 yellow leaves, 5 to 7 small pineapples, string, rose gold or metallic copper spray paint and scissors Select 6-7 sheets that are similar in size and shape. Spray them with rose gold or copper paint on both sides, making sure to protect your surface with an old newspaper during this process. The paint will dry quite quickly, although it is better to wait for the suggested time or at least 30 minutes before continuing.

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<p style=Select your pine cones and leaves and place them on the table in the order you want them to be in your garland, alternating a pineapple with a leaf. Simply start by creating a loose knot in the thread and place the first sheet inside the knot before tying it firmly. Then create more knots for the rest of the pineapples and leaves. Leave the same space between each leaf and pineapple.

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