Customize your room – Original and practical ideas

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Decor : Customize your room – Original and practical ideas

personalize your room

If you want to give your bedroom a new look, then you are in the right place. Because from time to time we want to change and it is totally normal. Maybe we spend many hours at home and it is the moment in which we encourage you to that change Customize your room!

Sure you already have everything you really like in it, but it never hurts to make a change and choose creative ideas. Of course, without a lot of money going to us. So these ideas have the advantages of being creative, that you will love them and that they will save you.

Customize your room starting with the door

While it is true that it cannot always be carried out, we are going to test if it is your best option. We talk about giving a magic touch to the doorbut only inside So that it is visible when it is closed. For this you only need a little patience and paint. It is best to combine a couple of colors but not too different from each other.

bedroom color door

Since we want an original but not very marked touch. If the door is white, you can now choose to draw a diagonal area with another color. For example, from the middle to the bottom of everything. If the door is brown, you can go for an orange color or a lighter shade of brown and do the same. Before getting down to work, cover the floor well so that no paint remains. If you don’t want to start painting, you also have the painted paper and adhesive. Quite a great invention in these cases!

Bet on the cushions

They are always present among our favorite accessories, and we are not surprised. Because cushions are another essential part to complete any room such as living rooms or bedrooms. Therefore, we can give them the prominence that they well deserve. In this case what we are going to do is buy a series of cushions, but they are in different ways. It is true that you can combine them in shades so as not to create chaos in your room. But the originality will come from the hand of those forms that we will place on the bed and the occasional one on the chairs. Isn’t that a good idea?

Decorate the headboard with photos

Another of the areas that we have to take advantage of is the headers. In this case we do have very varied ideas but now we are left with one series of photographs. We can add unforgettable moments, but all of them are of a very similar size. You can print them together for the occasion. You can hang them on a pair of cords that will be placed one on top of the other. Thus, every time you go to bed or get up, the memories will be very present.

nightstand cube

Open bedside tables

It is true that for some or some it is not always a practical idea. Because on the bedside tables we keep books, valuables or perhaps many other personal things. Therefore, not everyone wants them to be visible. But the truth is that it is a very original idea. To do this, you need a shelf-shaped coffee table open. It can be a simple cube, or one with shelves inside that you will find at IKEA. Thus, we take advantage of your space but as we say, everything is well visible.

What is your favorite add-on? Hang it up

Because there are people who collect hats or else have many party bags. Well, it is the best time for all of them to stay decorating the room. Of course, always without recharging, so you can choose the same objects of one size and select about 4 or 5. Of course, the space we have will always depend, because if the wall is small, then we will reduce the amount. Customize your room!

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