decorate the dining room table in detail

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decorate the dining room table in detail


Do you usually decorate the dining room table when you have guests? Are you missing ideas to do it? In Bezzia we share with you simple ideas so that by combining natural elements with merely decorative ones you can create Nice centerpieces.

A table without a centerpiece is a bare table. An excursion to the countryside, a visit to the market of our city and a raid through the home cabinets can inspire you to create centers like those we propose today to give the table a touch romantic or elegant or fun ...

From the tree and the earth to the table

A walk through the market can become a great source of inspiration, don't you think so? Grapefruits, pomegranates, oranges, lemons, apples ... some of these fruits gathered in the center of the table along with green leaves will add color to it and contribute to creating a cheerful and fun atmosphere.

Centerpieces with fruits

You can also use artichokes and radishes. It is a more daring bet than the previous one but on a rustic table the result can be 10. Are you looking for something more traditional? Combining decorative logs with a base of moss and pineapples you will achieve a very own centerpiece in the autumn months.

Flowers, many flowers

The Rpink bears Pale and paniculata are ideal to decorate an intimate evening or a dinner in Petit Committee. You can place them in a porcelain vase to look for a vintage aesthetic or use a wooden box as a pot to achieve a more rustic center.

Flower centerpieces

Wild flowers and some old pharmacy bottles become a fantastic proposal for an informal meal in the garden. And if you are looking for an own center of this time of the year you can use an empty pineapple as a pot or bet on tropical flowers Do you need more ideas? Consult an article dedicated to the floral centers that we publish recently.

Green touch

Using green leafy plants is a simple way to improvise a timeless centerpiece. Small plants aromatic, cactus and succulent In clay pots they become a great resource for those who want to create a durable center that decorates their table daily.

Green centerpieces

Another more minimalist and delicate way to decorate the table with a green touch is using lined glass jars in the center of the table. Go out to the garden or take a walk through the nearest park in order to cut and place in each of them a green twig.

Candles to light the table

Candles create a unique atmosphere. When we turn them on, we achieve a more intimate and cozy atmosphere, especially when the sun sets. Combine different candle holders To create a dynamic set is a way to illuminate a table. A table to which you can always add flowers if you are looking for color.

Centerpieces with candles

Another very nice way to create a centerpiece with candles is to fill different glass bottles of water to use as candle holders. With some green branches inside, in addition, you will achieve a center not only minimalist but delicate.

For a specific holiday

The above were general ideas that can be used to decorate the dining room table at any time of the year, but what happens in the most important festivities and celebrations? Then we can resort to own traditions of such a holiday to create such creative centerpieces.

Special centerpieces

Pine leaves, pineapples and star-shaped figures are always welcome at Christmas. At Easter you will find numerous ways to present the eggs as a centerpiece. And on children's birthdays? Some colorful balloons They will delight the smallest of the house.

Decorating with the table in detail, creating beautiful centerpieces for either day to day or a celebration, is not complicated nor does it have to be expensive. In Bezzia we have shown you many simple and economical ideas to do it. Use what you have closer to or that is easier for you to get and give it creativity!

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