Decorate the home with summery sailor style

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Decor : Decorate the home with summery sailor style

Sailor style

He Sailor style is well known and we all know more or less what we are talking about. It is a type of style that is inspired by the marine world and that has certain touches that are unmistakable. Whether we are talking about clothing or if we are talking about decoration, there are certain guidelines that never change if we want to have an atmosphere in a marine style.

Let’s see a few ideas for decorate the home in great marine style. This decorative trend brings a lot of freshness to the spaces, since it is inspired by the sea, the coast and the world of sailors. It is one of the styles that we like the most to decorate the house during the summer.

The colors of the marine style

Sailor style

The sailor style has colors that are very characteristic and cannot be missed. Blue in all its shades is a basic, since it evokes the sea and the water. From turquoise to navy blue or light blue, everyone is welcome and can even be mixed. Another of the tones that are usually used is red, which is often mixed with navy blue, being the perfect mix to create a marine environment. As a base we should use a lot of white, to give light to the spaces. It should not be forgotten that in Mediterranean environments the tones that are mainly used are whites with blues.

The striped print

Sailor stripes

If something can not be missing when decorating the home with this style are the marine stripes. With the tones we have mentioned we can use this print. Of course, no other pattern fits this style, so only stripes will be accepted. We can add them to textiles, which is somewhat simpler, such as on cushions or even on a carpet. It is also a great idea to see these stripes in the area of ​​the walls, being very striking.

Decorate with oars

The oars are a detail that can give us a great touch on the walls or supported in some space of the room. Some oars hanging on the wall will immediately remind us of the marine world. They are small details that help us create a more marine-style feeling. These oars can be vintage or we can get them in some decoration stores.

Anchors as motifs

Sailor motifs

The marine motifs are many and very varied, so we can find them stamped on many things that serve to improve this decoration. Anchors are one of them, closely related to the sea. We can find them in all kinds of places, from curtains to cushions with which to decorate the sofa.

Sailor-style paintings

The paintings can also be a great idea to add more marine touches in our home. We can use tables that have images of the sea, waves or ships. There are also them with the typical marine knots and those that are inspired by details such as shells or marine animals. In this case we can include a wide variety of ideas on the walls with pictures inspired by the marine world.

Round mirrors

The ships have so-called portholes, which are round, the places through which we can see towards the outside. The fact is that if we want our minds to remember this detail of the boats a little we can do it if we add some great round mirrors in the room. It can be a resource that adds the feeling of being on a boat. In addition, mirrors help us create more light and wider spaces.

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