Decorate the walls of your home with simple ideas

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Decorate the walls of your home with simple ideas

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Sometimes we pay more attention to furniture, but we don't have to leave the walls aside. Because it is they who also have the letter of introduction to any room and of course, to our home. Therefore, if you are looking for an original idea to decorate the walls, is the perfect time to discover it.

Because there is life beyond the pictures, who are always one of the perfect keys. But if you want to get unique and very original styles without having to resort to them, you will see how decorating the walls of your home is not that complicated either. Do you want to enjoy a good selection of ideas?

Paper flowers for children's rooms

How are we going to enjoy a decoration throughout our home, nothing like starting with children's rooms. It is common that the name of the protagonist appears in them. Well, you can always add some paper flowers that will go against the wall. In this case, you can design them yourself with some pattern and choose the colors that complement the rest of the room. A very simple, practical idea that leaves us with a very romantic touch.

painted paper

Wallpaper to decorate the walls

If you want to give prominence to a specific room or rather, to a main wall, then you have the solution. He painted paper it is one of the best. Because it has a host of models that you can comfortably buy online. Colors or prints of the most current that can even mimic some of the best known coatings. For this reason, they will perfectly match what we are looking for.

The most original vinyls

It's one of the decorative details with more style. More than anything because it allows us to show off a wall, with more personality than we expect. It is a way to give life with a little touch, to that boring corner. There are also many varieties. From those who have nature motifs to those who leave with the faces of famous people. It will always depend on the type of room you are going to decorate and of course, on your taste.

Combinations with mirrors

It's not about placing a mirror and that's it. Rather, trying to make some original composition. That is, you can choose small mirrors that we will be placing so that we can create some kind of figure. This way we will move away from the more conventional and we will also add the original touch to that entrance wall or from a youth room.

ceramic wall plates

The dishes can also go on the wall

The dishes and pottery It is another of the ideas that have been used for a long time. But it is also true that to continue adding that more original and personal touch, we can also make a selection of dishes with the same design or color and be placed asymmetrically. They can be perfect with a basic entry furniture or in the dining area. Of course, it will always depend on the decorative style you have selected in both cases.

Wall murals

Together with vinyl, they are another of the great ideas. Because they have a much more realistic result And that's why we love them. There are many online stores that also have them. They usually have a larger size, so in this case they will occupy an entire wall. The most frequent are those that represent nature, either in the combination of colors where water and grass are protagonists or, in photos of cities. But as we say, they will always have the last word. Whatever it is, the walls will no longer look as lonely as before. Don't you think

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