Decorate with books – Recycled and original ideas for your home

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Decorate with books - Recycled and original ideas for your home

decorate with books

When decorating, there is life beyond the decorative details that we all have in mind. If pictures are a good option, as well as plants, decorate with books It doesn't have to be left behind. Since you can leave us with the most creative ideas that can change our home.

That is why if you are passionate or passionate about reading and you have your house full of books, now it will give you a new utility. A practical way to take advantage of everything that comes to mind. Without a doubt, it is a type of current and innovative decoration. Let's see what you think!

Decorate with books as a centerpiece

The centerpieces They can also be the most varied. From candles to vases with flowers and books. Yes because they are also waiting to fulfill this last function. For this, we can always get all those who have hard caps or are somewhat old, so that we get a more chic result. You can group two or three and tie them, in the central part, with a bow. If you have a piece of cloth that matches the color of the rest of the decoration, go ahead. To complete the centerpiece, you can always add some flowers or small candles in colors.

bedside table

As a bedside table

For those practical and current homes that only have a couple of furniture in the room, decorating with books can be of great help. We will make a column of them, right next to the bed. Just don't stack a lot because they can all end up on the floor. Again, it is best to place those of tougher caps, because they will be more resistant. You can combine with rows, of different height and will also be the most original.

Book and pot, all in one

It is curious, at least, but very nice sight. In this case, the books to use should not be our favorites because we will spoil them a bit. Is about make a hole between your pages, the deeper the better. So the book has to be slightly fat. Then, place a moistened plastic and the plant that should be small and not grow too much. Sometimes for a simpler decoration, you can place some moss.

flowerpots books

Ornament House

To decorate the rooms of the little ones, a change always comes in handy. Something original and practical, that does not require much effort or money. Why one bird house It could be that good idea. Two volumes, one on each side. The front and back, would be the hard cover of a book and the roof, a thinner book open in half. Of course, all this well structured and glued, so that it is more than perfect.

Photo frames

It is true that we have endless photo frames, both in shapes and colors. But if you want to continue recycling, nothing like taking advantage of the theme of books. Therefore, it is always convenient that they have colors that you like or that are old to provide special touches in the decoration. You can place them both horizontally and vertically and you only need one photo pasted on the front of the book and that you can surround with a little string or a narrow colored ribbon.

recycled books in boxes

Recycled books in boxes

They will serve us to place in various rooms of our home. Both in the entrance furniture, as in bedrooms or in the living rooms. Without a doubt, it is another great idea that leads us to recycle and that we love. We will do with each book, a box or jewelry box. That is, we will have to take out almost all the leaves and this will help us to keep memories. Don't you think it's a good idea?

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