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Decor : Decorate with green leaves – Ideas to create a tropical decoration –


Decorative green leaves or how to invite nature at home in a brilliant way?
Tropical decoration is one of the most important trends of the decade. Refreshing tropical green leaves have the power to make your home a true haven, even if you live in a cold place that lacks sun. Botanical interiors aren’t just a summer fad that gets through the hot months, and Pinterest actually recently revealed that searches for tropical leaf prints have increased by 135 percent. By including almost every decorative item: wallpaper, cushions, tablecloths, and wall art, tropical decor becomes increasingly popular, bold, and playful, taking control of interiors with its rich green undertones.

Tropical green leaf decoration is very fashionable in interior design in recent years


The decoration with tropical green leaves and palm leaves is classic and will help you easily transform your interior into a tropical paradise, even without much effort and without having to spend too much and change everything. Do you want to know how to integrate this trend into your interior design? Here are some ideas!

Tropical leaves in the form of wall paintings for a refreshing decoration


Each trend is repeated in cycles and the wallpapers are back in fashion. Homeowners still prefer neutral color wallpapers, but for those of you who are a little more adventurous and love tropical color print wallpaper this may be the answer. Tropical leaf wallpaper will add color and energy to your stylish modern interior.

Retro style bedroom with interesting wall decoration behind the bed


The large green leaves used as the background are the perfect way to add a tropical touch to your interior without having to change all other aspects of the space. Whether it’s large banana leaves or smaller green leaves, the leaf-patterned wallpaper creates a focal point for instant decor not to be missed. You can also use green houseplants to create a green layer in the room and with the right green accents and accessories you can create a stylish, refreshing and modern interior.


The interior is becoming increasingly minimalist. Decor is becoming increasingly monochromatic except for boho chic decor. What decoration to choose for a single color interior with an urban style? Away from nature, green leaf decoration becomes a necessity. It is essential in a sterile interior.


Going for green leaf wallpaper in the bathroom has been a very popular idea in recent years. The bathrooms are a space where you can try new decorative trends without worries. Then you can go for the tropical decor first in the bathroom before transporting it to your bedroom and living room. Tropical leaf-wrapped walls in a small bathroom can have an overwhelming effect if not done well. In this case, light is a key element, and by opting for the right pendant and recessed light, you can easily accentuate your tropical wallpaper and other decorative metal accents.


There are wallpapers with patterns other than green leaves that you can use to create a tropical decor inside. Some of you may like the appearance of palm trees as a background that evokes the image of the exotic Middle East, while others who prefer fun patterns may opt for yellow wallpaper with pineapple leaves, for example. Jungle or beach themed custom wallpapers can also be used to create a tropical touch inside.


Textiles decorated with tropical leaves of all kinds are also among the easiest ways to brighten up your home decor in the summer. First of all, tropical printed textiles are inexpensive and you can change them at any time and you can also make them yourself if you want. Dairy products, curtains, rugs, shower curtains, and pillowcases with tropical leaves are exactly what you need to give your decor a tropical touch without being too excessive. Even the simplest and most neutral spaces can be revived with a few colored cushions, for example.


Wall art with tropical leaves

The easiest way to create a tropical atmosphere in your home is to hang a beautiful art frame with tropical patterns on the wall. You can even print the sheets you like best and place them in frames for an even more beautiful and original look. Then you can use them wherever you want: in the dining room, in the office or in the kitchen and it will create an air of instant freshness.


Decorative accents are very important for jungle-inspired decor. This cheerful and sunny decor transforms your home into a haven, even if it’s tucked away in the middle of Minnesota. But updating your home in a tropical oasis is not just about adding plants. Choose large colors, the right accents and palm trees for interior spaces to complete your sunny metamorphosis.

Be a maximalist with the decoration of your interior


If you have an artistic soul, you can easily decorate your jewelry or dishes with tropical patterns – here it all depends on your imagination and artistic skills. And if you can’t or don’t have time to touch-up and paint, you can always buy and use them to decorate your table for summer meals. If you have ever visited a tropical garden, you know that there is no way to limit color and foliage. It just grows and is everywhere. Imitate this, everything becomes aesthetic in your own home accumulating color upon color, texture upon texture.


Not all of us enjoy the maximalist look. If you don’t like bright colors and lots of patterns, you can still feel the jungle in your home. What then is the key? Choosing the right accents. The rigid, white-walled room can get a tropical touch thanks to some careful choices: a unique, bold and leafy plant with matching prints. The result is a bohemian island vibe.


It’s easy to transform a sunny room into a tropical paradise. Most green plants in the jungle need a lot of light to survive. But even if the room you want to transform lacks windows through which sunlight can pass, you can still create your own tropical paradise. To do this, you can use a large round mirror that can bounce the light off and make the space that much brighter.


We can’t always afford to paint your walls or use wallpaper with tropical green leaves, and if you can’t afford to transform the room, the tropical options seem quite limited. But don’t despair. Decorating your dining table or coffee table in the living room with jungle-themed accessories can help you create a nice decor. Simply choose textured dishes and table accessories decorated in tropical patterns and serve drinks in the accompanying color and you’re done!


If you had to choose just one color for your tropical decor then you should go for blue! Combined with some green plants, dark wood and a neutral interior, the blue color embodies the jungle atmosphere very well.


The interiors decorated with coastal decoration are those that know how to take advantage of what makes this style of decoration very special. One of the best parts of the jungle style is the fact that dark wood interacts with light spaces. So don’t be afraid to combine dark wood furniture with jungle colors to create an interesting and original interior with tropical charm.


It is the small details that create the great results.

These are the little things that aspire to tropical decoration. Jungle-inspired decor is undoubtedly well-suited to a baby’s neutral room, and you can, for example, opt for a light fixture decorated with strings and accent pillows in green to accentuate the tropical look. The blanket can also be in tropical patterns, but still avoid putting real green plants in the baby’s room; this is what specialists do not recommend. In addition to large-scale tropical leaves, there is nothing better to complement your tropical decor than animals. You can opt for wall frames with jungle animals such as zebras, lions, giraffes for the child to grow up in a relaxing tropical environment.


Sometimes a single green plant is enough

When you are on a tight budget, you can think of one central decoration instead of several. And if you are lucky enough to have a large sunny window in the room, then there is only one correct tropical answer to the question which central room to choose. A green plant, of course! A truly large and rich green plant that will attract all eyes. Ferns are very popular, but you can also go for a banana tree to accentuate your tropical decor.


Don’t be afraid of neon colors.

The tropical style needs a touch of color and the neon tones will really help give your decor a little energy. If, for example, you are decorating your or your daughter’s room, you can go for a bedside table with blue duck legs, a bright yellow wire basket, and a green leaf quilt. The final touch can be a neon pink or lime green headboard that makes the space even more interesting.

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