Decorate with ropes – Original ideas for your home

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Decorate with ropes - Original ideas for your home

Decorate with strings

We like to recycle all kinds of details and it is that with them we can also create a new current and original decoration. That is why today we talk about decorate with strings. Don't you think it's a very attractive idea? Well, it is because it leaves us with more than incredible results.

Thanks to some details composed of strings, you can get a minimalist and natural type decoration, at the same time simple. Of course you can also combine it with the most rustic touch, according to your preferences. Be that as it may, in a matter of minutes you can wear a creative and elegant home. Do you want to know how?

Strings hanging from the wall as a picture

The truth is that one of the simplest ideas to decorate with strings is this. The walls are always protagonists when we talk about decoration. So we always look for paintings or murals that make them a little more cozy. Well, a great idea is make a shape with the rope and hang it as a picture. It is also a good idea to choose to create several spirals in different sizes and cover the wall in question. You can make geometric shapes or hearts, whatever your imagination tells you.

Rope mirrors

Mirrors with a rustic touch

We love the rustic finish, but in this case they can also combine with the nordic decoration and with the minimal finish. All we are going to need is a mirror, both round and square. Around it, we will hit a couple of turns of rope and when we have it, we just have to hang it. As simple as that! For such a finish you can get a slightly thinner rope and in the beige tone that we all know, with white, which is another option.

Shelves with ropes

Without a doubt, the shelves always take us out of a hurry. Because they serve to store small decorative details, but also to help us store certain details such as photos or books. Whatever it is, in this case we only need some wooden boards and on each of its sides, we will have to make a couple of holes to pass the ropes. These will be the fastening method we have for hanging the shelf. Now we just need to find a place!

Shelves with ropes

Renew drawer handles

In this case, the idea is still simpler than we could imagine. Since if we have the furniture and we have the rope, we can only join them. It's about making some new shooters with our protagonist today who is the rope. As simple as that! Hence, furniture with old or rustic touches are always clear, so the finish of the rope will give more expression and we can renew shooters. In this case it is advised that the rope is a little thicker, so that it resists better.

vases with ropes

Individual rugs to decorate with ropes

The carpets They also make their way through our house. So they can be the ones that welcome us when we arrive or in the living room and other corridors that we have for our home. Well, if you want a more original than ever you can also make it with rope. To do this, you need a round base with non-slip finish. With the rope you will make a spiral, so that it takes the round shape and you will glue it on that base. Surely you will do more than one, the result is great!

coffee table made with ropes

Cover different objects with the rope

On the one hand, you can start with small details such as vases or glasses. In this case, we have to get a thin rope and go lining the bottom of these objects. Of course, work, in addition to the mentioned glasses, can happen to the tires. Yes, it is not strange that they also serve to make us a seat or decorative coffee table. To do this, we must cover it with a custom table and then, we must cover it completely and apply a little silicone to seal it well. What do you think about decorating with strings?

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