Decorate with wicker – The great advantages of this material

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Decor : Decorate with wicker – The great advantages of this material

decorate with wicker

There are many types of furniture and styles that we can get with them. But without a doubt, there is one that never goes out of style. Decorate with wicker or rattan It is the main idea of ​​today. Because we know that we are facing one of the best options, both inside and outside our home.

It is true that decorating with wicker has always been one of the perfect options for our terrace. But as we move forward, it seems that things have evolved. More natural materials They want to bring warmth, but also in each main room. Do we discover its advantages?

A very natural material

When we talk about advantages, we have to mention that these are very natural materials, since it is their fibers that are willing to manufacture furniture called eco-friendly. So we are already facing one of the steps that we love. Although the ecological has become fashionable, not everyone does it for the tendencies themselves, but because they know that they are helping the environment, while also doing the same with the decoration of their homes. If we talk about wicker, it is one of the fibers that are 100% natural. While the rest that has a natural origin, are the so-called natural fibers such as rattan or bamboo. Remember that wicker is very resistant and rattan is better against moisture.

rattan furniture

Perfect furniture to decorate the terrace

Another advantage is that they are perfect to withstand the inclement weather. As we just mentioned, they are suitable for moisture resistance, especially the rattan. Hence, when we want to decorate our garden or terrace, we always have to resort to them. It doesn’t matter if one day it rains, because we will be in good hands. In general, the furniture that is usually placed on the terrace is usually made of both wicker and rattan but synthetic.

Decorating with wicker is synonymous with good taste

The truth is that this idea always goes together with a decoration that you like. It is true that the first people you have to like is the people who will live with this furniture every day. You can enter them by providing a retro touch or, a very natural air to salons or exterior rooms. Remember that being all so natural, we should not recharge the area with many furniture or decorative details. In the same way, neutral colors are maintained, which you can combine with strokes of green or intense brown, to create a more striking finish.

wicker furniture advantages

They are allowed to combine with different materials

It must be remembered that both glass and wood will be delighted to be linked to these two main materials of today. Therefore, decorating with wicker becomes more than special. The thin blankets and the leaf prints on delicate fabrics They are also a strong support as far as style is concerned. Help yourself with small tables and without forgetting the puff who also has a relevant role.

Always suitable for interior decoration

We have been commenting on it, but the interior decoration is also in luck. Because both the rooms and especially the rooms, will want to be accompanied by a style as natural as this. With this type of furniture, both the minimalist decoration like the Mediterranean We will have it closer. Since there is always an inspiration in nature. Hence, it can always be accompanied by stone finishes on the walls or in the fireplace. Without forgetting the wood, along with other furniture or in the part of the floor. Of course, if you want something simpler, you can always bet on certain wicker details but without choosing all the furniture around it.

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