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Next we show you beautiful ideas of very feminine bedrooms in shabby chic style. Let’s go back in time and recover our old objects to create a different bedroom style, especially if you are attracted to very feminine things, worn-out furniture, pastel colors, fabrics, textures, ornaments, in short, a very comfortable and cozy style for you.

Colors to Create your Bedroom:

In a Shabby Chic bedroom, White should not be missing, neutral and pale ranges, pastel tones, shades of aqua green, pale pink and light blue are also used a lot in the decoration.


Furniture to Decorate:

Combining different materials and not matching is one of the rules of shabby chic style, A wrought iron bed, second-use nightstands, worn and chipped-looking cabinets, are some ideas that you can get in a second-hand store, at your grandmother’s house, flea market. If this turns out to be very difficult, we can always go to a business where we can buy a new one with an aged finish since that is the idea that must prevail to achieve an environment as we want.


Shabby Chic lamps:

Chandeliers are definitely the ideal screens for lighting because they reflect in them the memory of ancient times and the romantic air in which this style refers. If you find it very difficult to find one of them, wrought iron or wooden lamps are a great decorative option.


Includes accessories:

Lace or crochet tablecloths look beautiful on the nightstand. The old leg frames also look great for your shabby chic bedroom, Let’s not forget to find any type of object for decoration in wrought iron such as chandeliers, wall lamps, trays, among others that will help you give the final touch to your decoration shabby chic.


Different patterns and textures for your shabby chic room with lace, cushions, blankets to complement your decoration.

decorate-bedroom-shabby-chic-1 shabby-chic-bedroom-2 We have seen that the shabby chec bedroom style is the combination of the rustic and the modern, the bohemian and the romantic, the sweet fragility of the delicate fabrics and the strength and wonderful personality of wrought iron, so let’s make them coexist in this intimate territory each one standing out for its beauty and special characteristic. It will be up to us to give this environment the necessary balance so that it maintains a continuous and permanent vitality and feeling of relaxation!

Designs Source: Pinterest

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