Decorate your bedroom with the burger bed

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Decor :

Decorate your bedroom with the burger bed

Hamburger bed

Some time ago we made a post on the fried egg carpet, today we continue decorating with food and we present you the hamburger bed.

This bed became famous in early 2009 to be cover of numerous blogs, even to have his own Facebook page that today has almost 30,000 followers.

Burger bed

In mid-June 2009 went on sale on Ebay at an initial price of 183 euros and as far as we have found it has exceeded 300 euros.

The hamburger bed (really hamburger with cheese) is made up of the following elements:

  • Quilt: Top bread
  • Pillows: Gherkin and tomato
  • Bed sheets: Lettuce and cheese
  • Mattress: Meat
  • Bed: Bottom bread

hamburger bed

Of course, a bed to eat it! And an ideal gift for Happy Meal.

Source: Geekologie

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