Decorate your home in spring tones

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Decor : Decorate your home in spring tones

Spring decoration

Spring is coming and with it the wardrobe changes, since we like that with this good weather we can choose more color in our clothes. That is why there are many people who with the change of season also change the decor in your home to add those cool spring tones.

If you are thinking of give a different touch to your home and you got tired of the long winter, then it might be time to add color in your house. The spring tones are light and cheerful and we can also add interesting patterns.

Touches of yellow

Yellow shades

During the spring the sun rises more and we notice that there is more clarity and light, so we can move it to our home. The yellow color is one of the most joyful that we can put at home, so it’s a great idea to add it. The yellow tones are warm and that is why they give a very special touch to our home. The ideal color to mix it, from light gray to tropical green or a cold blue tone that contrasts with yellow.

The pink tones

Pink tones

Too we really like pink colors to decorate our house. They are happy and if we are looking for a clear shade they are perfect to remind us that in spring flowers with all kinds of colors arise. Pink is a color that can be added at home and mixed, for example, with turquoise to attract attention. It is a soft and delicate tone that you can really like.

Tropical green

There is a tone that we really like it during spring and it’s green, because trees are supposed to flourish during this time. That is why we can add green to our home textiles, a lively green that also gives energy to spaces. It is like bringing a bit of nature into our home.

The coolest turquoise shade

Turquoise Color

There are some tones that we almost always associate with summer and freshness. One of them is color turquoise, which is a shade that can be seen in the waters of many beaches. This color is perfect if we want to renew the spaces and give it that breath of fresh air that they need.

Blue range

Blue shades

The blues are close to turquoise, which is a light greenish blue, but they also offer us all the freshness we need during hot weather. It is a tone that also provides serenity and in which you can mix from navy blue to lighter baby blue.



This year there is undoubtedly a protagonist in fashion magazines, so we can also add it to the decoration. Its about light lilac shade, a color associated of course with spring and at the arrival of the flowers. If you like lavender tones and the delicacy they inspire, it is a great idea to put them at home, combined with others like yellow.

Tropical print

Tropical print

Another idea that we really like to give a renewed touch to the home is to put textiles with a fun tropical print. Tablecloths, cushions and even a rug with this pattern can make us move to more exotic places where we wish we were. It is a print that also usually adds a lot of color in the spaces.

Flowers at home

Another pattern that can never miss when spring comes is floral. Flowers brighten up any space and there is also everything type of colors and designs in prints of this type. We can add a carpet, tablecloths or even a tableware with flowers. But it is also a great idea to add natural flowers to give color to everything.

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