Decorate your house with harmony to spend better these days

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Decor : Decorate your house with harmony to spend better these days

confined decor

We are confined and that leads us to have to find some entertainment. Because maybe a week or two can get along more or less well, but when the story goes on, then it doesn’t appeal to most. We should not give up and therefore decorating the house in harmony is not going to help.

Nor is it a matter of turning everything upside down, but we will find that in some details, which gives us a more relaxation in our home. Do you want to know how you can get it? Write down these steps and tips to get down to business as soon as possible.

Always decorate the bedroom in harmony with shades of blue

The rooms and bedrooms that imply rest should always contain everything necessary for it. one of the key elements is color. If you have a little paint at home, this is a good time to get down to work. Light blue color is perfect for the bedroom, because it relaxes and favors the rest of the body and mind. Something very necessary and more in times of being confined. Of course, if for some reason you do not like a color like this too much, then you can opt for pink, since it also provides the same ingredients. You should not be carried away by intense or very dark colors.

Blue bedroom decor

Always take advantage of daylight and forget about ceiling spotlights

It is true that ceiling spotlights are one of the main illuminations. But when we are with her long enough, maybe then certain problems like headaches will start. Therefore, it is always recommended to take advantage of daylight to do the usual tasks. If at night we need a more specific light because we have to read or study, then nothing like helping us in any way desk lamp.

Decorative elements, always

If so, they always add a more than perfect finish that we must take into account. Therefore, we can never forget, although we must take them into account without going over the top. If we talk about the bedroom, nothing like the details that evoke earth like the plants or ceramic objects, because they always provide stability. Of course, in the living room we can also decorate with some chandeliers and vases.

A little joy in decorating the bathroom while we are confined

As we know, washing our hands is essential and more so now due to the coronavirus. That is why we will enter the bathroom more times to eliminate possible viruses or germs. They are areas that perhaps we have decorated with those colder colors, because we are going to give it a warm finish, adding textiles or, decorative elements with other more attractive tones. You can add touches in green or orange, as they are very vibrant and dynamic to add an even more cheerful finish.

Bathroom color decoration

More mirrors to add more light and even space

If you have a mirror in the storage room, it is a good time to give it the use it needs again. Because it is true that the four walls always fall down and more, in these cases. You have to look for resources that give more visibility and a broader finish. The mirrors bring light and make the rooms even look larger. Something that without a doubt, in flats or smaller houses, it is always a great joy. Of course, try not to put them at the foot of the bed, so that the energy can flow naturally.

Always free up space

Nor is it a question that now we start to break the furniture. But we do have time to do a little cleaning and tidy everything up. The best is ato decoration with balance and harmonica, is that the spaces must always be available. Forget about piling up decor and furniture in general. We always need space to be available in each room and not to see everything piled up. Confined, but with a harmonious home.

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