Decorate your house with the red color

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Decorate your house with the red color

Living room sofa in red color

The color red is one of those transmitted by seduction or passion. But at the same time, we will find very bright and vibrant tones to decorate every corner of our home. Because, decorate your house with the color red It is a great option, if we know how.

Because being so intense, we must take some precautions. Otherwise, we will fall into the trap of To overload our stays too much. It can also be one of those tonalities with which we get tired quickly, so, we leave you with the best advice so that does not happen.

Decorate your house with the red color, the kitchen

It is one of the most important places in our home. In it we will spend many moments and for that reason, we always want to create a relaxing and comfortable environment, in broad strokes. In this case, there are many options that we have in terms of kitchens. Since there are many compositions that have cupboards and kitchens in red. Therefore, we must compensate by adding more light to the place or shades of white or cream that always favor balance. That is why it is preferable that on the walls, white be the protagonist and that red always remain in the details.

Decorate your kitchen house

Full color rooms red

The living room is another of the spaces where we can give free rein to our taste for red. But always with a little care. When we have a large room, we can place a sofa in red and let the walls remain in neutral colors. White, cream or very light gray will give that touch of balance that we have been commenting. Try not to overload the area with many details or very sophisticated furniture. It is a hue that adapts to many styles but one of them is the minimalist. Wooden furniture simple and with amplitude in their spaces is the great idea to bet on the red in your decoration.

Bedrooms in red?

Being a color that brings a lot of energy, we should not miss it either. For the bedroom it is good to choose a clear tone or a more subdued touch, according to our tastes. The first of them will always be perfect for smaller rooms, while the second will look perfectly to the broadest the bedroom in question. If you plan to paint one of its walls red, try to make it small and well lit. In the same way, the furniture will have white colors or neutral touches. But, you can always bet on decorating with red details such as carpets or cushions.

The bathroom in red and black

One of the Perfect combinations to dress our bathroom is the one that is composed of red and black. But beware, it does not mean that we have it equally. On the one hand, decorating your house with red and more in this room, implies having it in the tiles. Therefore, bathroom accessories such as the soap dish or decorative cups, in black. Remember that less is more. So we should not abuse one but neither of the other. If the bathroom is well lit and spacious, perhaps we can afford to add more details and create a very modern and stylish style. Without a doubt, it is one of those combinations that do not go unnoticed !.

Bathroom in red

The decorative details to decorate your house

The decorative details are the most important in our home. Because it is true that with them we can create new airs and colorful decorations. So if you do not dare to take the step of paint a red wall or buy many furniture of that hue, bet on small gestures. Photo frames, vases or centerpieces can be some of the ideas we should start with, considering both carpets and other textiles.

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