Decorate Your Living Room Minimalist Style

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Today I bring you beautiful designs of minimalist style rooms, a very attractive style for those who like order, organization, few ornaments and especially simplicity. A style that adopts characteristics of oriental styles, where peace, harmony and equity govern every room in the house.


For those looking to decorate a minimalist room, these are some characteristics that can help you adopt this style.



Within the decoration style of the minimalist room, colors play a very important role. Especially the whole range of neutral tones such as white, gray, beige, coffee brown, chocolate, black, among others.


In recent times we see various room designs that include other types of cold and warm tones as decorative accents and the space does not look so boring.


The walls in general are white which gives the space greater amplitude but if what you are looking for is that earth, bronze, sienna colors stand out for their warmth is your thing.



The specialists recommend us for this type of decoration functional furniture that has straight and angled lines, and does not saturate the space. Include furniture in your living room that you need, do not clutter your living room with bookcases, shelves, cabinets or other furniture.


They generally use two pieces of furniture, a coffee table, a TV center, limited shelves on a free wall. So that you don’t feel overwhelmed in your social space.


The furniture is simple, without sumptuous carvings or curves, made of light and straight wood. As well as. As its name indicates, minimalist is synonymous with little but also gives relevance to the fact that less is more.



It is essential to attract as much natural light as possible to the room, large windows without curtains or if you prefer them not to be made of a heavy material, but rather transparent, as well as preferable in light tones.


Wooden or bamboo curtains or blinds can bring a minimalist atmosphere, since they are simple and the light can be easily modulated.


If you prefer the curtains, as long as they are as sober as possible, harmonious with the chosen decoration, in neutral colors and free of drawings or figures; except for some very small and barely perceptible details that could give a special charm to your room,



In the style, lighting plays a very important role. The darker wall can have a lamp installed that projects the light upwards, thus creating an ethereal and cozy atmosphere.

Here are some other beautiful minimalist room designs.


decorate-minimalist-room-8 decorate-minimalist-room-6 decorate-minimalist-room-3 decorate-minimalist-room-2

These were some ideas to decorate your living room minimalist style, do not forget that this style has a lot of oriental influence where less is more or better.

Do not forget to hide the cables or extensions of connections to tv, blue-ray, sound equipment, part of the minimalist principle is order and organization.

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