Decorating A Small Home Office

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This time we bring you various office designs especially for small spaces. Whether it is an office with shared environments or for a single environment, a good decoration can help you motivate yourself, create new ideas, obtain greater concentration and successfully achieve your proposed goals.


A small office can become suffocating and overwhelming, especially when we don’t have enough time to organize. Therefore, discovering a good place to work from home, an attractive decoration for you, with enough natural light and an organized space can be very helpful.


The psychology of color is one of the great allies to obtain what we need. Well, each color brings a meaning and affects our mood in one way or another. In addition, finding a color tone that you can identify with will make you feel much more comfortable.

Here we present you 20 small office designs with different shades of color and located in different environments of the house:


Finding the Right Space for Your Small Office:

Locate the place where you can install your small office. For apartments, a space at the end of the hall, in a shared environment, under the stairs, replacing a dressing room, for example, are widely used corners.


Necessary furniture:

Define what furniture can be accommodated there, a simple office will only need a desk and a chair, while for those who have stationery storage needs, they need simple and light furniture to save space and can accommodate them. It can be through colorful boxes as a decorative accent or furniture with hidden doors.



Lighting is another aspect that cannot be missing in your small office. Depending on where it is located, you will need to intensify or regulate the level of artificial light. The area where you need the least light is when the desk is positioned against a window. On the contrary, more light will need to be created in much more closed environments, such as when the small office is included within a hall.



The colors to be used are generally light that attract natural light and the environment can be seen more spacious. According to the psychology of color, there are some shades that can promote creativity, concentration.


As we know, light absorbs dark shades of blue, but a light shade of this color is widely used to decorate small offices. As we know it is a peaceful color that will reduce stress levels, generate confidence and release our creativity.


A small office with walls in Red color It can be saturated for many of us, but we can use small doses of this color that transmits energy, motivation and leads us to take action on something.


Office in Orange it will help awaken creativity, it is an optimistic color and stimulates communication with others.


A small office in yellow colorIt is a color that will lift everyone’s spirits, but it can also affect our impulsiveness and impatience. It can help us make quick decisions and helps clear our minds.


The green color it is also a peaceful tone, ideal to generate tranquility to work at home. It is the color of nature, therefore, it can motivate us to grow in our business. It is a color that gives us confidence, optimism and flexibility. It is also the color of money.


Decorating the small office with purple is ideal to promote creativity and awaken our intuition.


The area under the staircase is often in disuse, adding a small work area according to the total decoration of the environment allows the whole space to look in harmony.


A small work area in the kitchen area.


Another option to include a small office under the stairs, completely painted white so that the environment looks more illuminated.


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