Decorating glass bottles – The best ideas for your home

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Decorating glass bottles - The best ideas for your home

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The truth is that today we have the option of many ideas to recycle. So, what better than decorate glass bottles to then use them as decoration in our home. It is a great idea and, besides, it does not have to be anything complicated to carry out.

That is why here we leave a series of ideas for you to get down to work. Ideas that suit all tastes, so that you will no longer have any kind of excuse not to decorate glass bottles. With prints, in basic colors or with bright details, which one of them we started ?.

Decorate glass bottles with napkins

Although it seems almost impossible, it is not so much. It is a very simple way to recycle bottles with simple napkins. Yes, it's the call decoupage technique. Surely you know her, because otherwise, we'll tell you that it's just sticking pieces of napkins on the bottle. For this, you need to make some cuts and stick them with a little white tail. It is true that the paper of the napkin is one of those that best adhere, but remember that you can also do the same with wrapping paper if it is your preference. So, you put the chosen paper and with a brush raisins white glue on it. When it dries, it will be completely transparent and your work of art will be finished. You can decorate the entire bottle or, just part of it, with colors and patterns you prefer.

Painted bottle

Paint bottles of one color

If you think that the previous technique would take a lot of time and you want to go to the practical, you can always choose this other option on how to decorate glass bottles. In this case, it will be the option of cover the entire bottle, outside, with a varnish or paint. You can do it with a spray paint that is really comfortable. But yes, remember to cover the entire work table with paper to avoid damage. You can choose various shades or bright finishes. Once it dries well, you can decorate it with some pieces of string or colorful ribbons.

Drawings on bottles for the most handy

Of course, if you are passionate about drawing and design in general, you can always opt for drawn bottles with different ideas. You can make flowers and combine colors or whatever you like. To do this, you can choose to paint the base of the bottle and then, once dry, combine different colors to create your own drawing. As simple as that!.

Bottles with photos

Glass bottle with photo inside

The truth is that in this case, we do not need paintings or much skill. Here we will give a different decoration at the same original. Why the photos are always that nice memory that we have adorning every corner of our home. So, in this case we are not going to need any photo portals, but a glass bottle will be our best ally. Of course, it is always better that your mouth is a bit wide. But, we can also try it anyway.

You just have to screw carefully the photo that you are going to place in the bottle. Then, with the help of a pair of tweezers, you will place it inside, adapting it to your liking. Surely in a matter of seconds, you will have the photo already placed perfectly. As we have seen, we can always add some finishes to complete the decoration of the bottle in question. You can add a link or something that completes the meaning of the image. Simply by sticking them to the bottle or tying them to it, we will have more than enough. What do you think is the best solution?

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