Decorating Ideas – Are you bored or bored at home?

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Decor : Decorating Ideas – Are you bored or bored at home?

decorative ideas

There are many decorative ideas that we can apply if we are bored at home. It is true that while the confinement lasts due to the coronavirus, we must be entertained as much as possible. If we don’t feel like doing things at home, we should put the batteries in and change the chip.

Because only then will we stay more active and the days will pass faster. Therefore, it never hurts to change some things at home, do cleaning or even give him a coat of paint to some corner. Do we get down to work with all these ideas and many others?

Decorative ideas, create your reading or study corner

Surely you have some ideas, which for reasons of time, you have not started. Well now is the time. Maybe you have home some corner or free space you’ve always thought it would be nice to put a kind of reading corner. Well, for this, you just need a comfortable seat, a lamp or spotlight and some bookshelf. As simple as that! If you have some wooden boards, you can place them in that corner as a shelf. Placing a table doesn’t hurt, either, but that will depend on the space we have. With some boards, we will have more than enough for such a space.

Reading corner

Dress the tables in their best clothes

It is a good time, to let ourselves go with all that we have stored in the drawers. At lunchtime, we will be the family together, in most cases. Gone are the rush for school or work. Therefore, it is a good time to dress the table as you would like. It doesn’t matter if it’s a weekday, take out those tablecloths that you had stored, napkins, match colors with plates or glasses. It is a way of doing something different, within all the days that lie ahead.

Renew your oldest furniture

It is true that not all of us have the possibility, but if you are one of the lucky or fortunate, go ahead! Maybe you have in the attic or storage room, some antique furniture. One of those we usually think about fixing, but when we have time. Well now is the time to take advantage. You can give them a coat of paint or stick an adhesive paper or vinyl to cover a door or the interior of said furniture. In the same way, perhaps also a change in the shooters does not hurt. Perfect ways to be entertained, while we take advantage of those pieces that seemed forgotten.

Organize closets

It is usually one of the heaviest tasks for many. Because wardrobes always have those garments ‘just in case’ that fill each space with them. But still, it is time to give them a new life. We need a little order between the clothes and between the drawers and shelves. So if you have storage boxes, it is time to use them. Otherwise, there is always the option of folding the clothes using the Marie Kondo method. In this way, in addition to being able to fold the clothes and have them in sight, we will save a lot of space. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s your time.

New distribution of the room

hall layout

If you dare to have an intense afternoon, then you can give it a new one reorganization to your living room. Of course, the neighbors may not be very happy, but living what we lived, they will surely forgive you. Making a change in the distribution of furniture is always a good idea and a shot of energy. Always take advantage of sunlight to place the area you use the most near the windows, for example, the sofas. Leaving to another side, the dining area. Maybe you don’t have to move the heavier furniture, but you do need a sofa or shelves and even paintings. What do you think of the decorative ideas?

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