Decorating ideas for Halloween

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Decorating ideas for Halloween

Halloween decoration

Have you become a habit to invite family or friends home to celebrate Halloween night? More and more people in our country join to celebrate this party in style and at Bezzia we want to contribute some ideas to make it an unforgettable night.

Decoration is key to set those spaces where we are going to celebrate the party. Decorated pumpkins, spider webs, candlesticks, garlands ... The classics always work. In Bezzia we do not forget them but we also add new proposals to our decoration ideas for Halloween with which to take a hit.

Tired of always finding the same ideas to decorate your house on Halloween? You are not the only one. This year we have found on the net new ideas for Halloween and we wanted to share them with you. Are you ready to leave orange and black behind and take a risk with a new color palette?


Bet on the classics, renewed

Orange and black They are the colors that almost all of us relate to Halloween night. They are still a fantastic proposal to decorate our home with small nuances. In recent years we have observed a certain tendency to reduce the prominence to the black color for the benefit of the white color as we wanted to reflect in the following images.

Halloween color palette

A second nuance that makes the difference, compared to the more traditional color palette, is the yellow raid. This color is usually introduced in small details but striking enough not to go unnoticed.

Or risk with the color palette

Are you willing to risk? We propose you then update color palette betting on pink, blue or green as the protagonist. On a white background, pink, orange and black details offer a feminine and sophisticated result, nothing scary!

Color palette for Halloween

Blue is probably the most original color of how many we propose, the least seen so far. It brings modernity to the whole and as the rose moves us away from the gloomy atmosphere that we have traditionally looked for on Halloween. And the green one? Green is the color of the aliens, the witches, the elves and in counterpoint to black It's a 10 choice for this Halloween.

It includes representative elements

There are elements characteristic of this party that seems can not be missing in our decoration for Halloween. Elements that taken advantage of the correct signature can transform a room without resorting to many more. Want to know what these are for us?

Halloween decoration

The pumpkinsObviously, they are one of these elements. Instead of using them as traditionally, we invite you to paint them in bright colors: oranges, yellows, roses, limes ... they will be fantastic! Decorate the space with chandeliers and spider webs; A rope or black wool can help you create one without too much effort but with a lot of creativity.

The lighting is key in Halloween and the easiest way to make it the protagonist is by means of beautiful chandeliers and garlands of lights. Place some black candlesticks on the table and hangs on the fireplace or the table lanterns decorated for Haloween.

Halloween decoration

Balloons are also a simple and economical way to fill the space as are the sheets with skulls, owls motifs or bats Print them on cloth and place them on a frame to achieve an effect similar to the one in the image above. It's a more elegant way to decorate the walls, don't you think?

And of course do not forget to decorate the table with Halloween-inspired candy. In the bakeries you will find many options during the previous days, but you can also prepare them. Next Tuesday we will try to publish a recipe in Bezzia that, in addition to being delicious, helps you dress your table, do you like the idea?

The decoration for Halloween is changing. There are many who have opted in recent years for a more sophisticated version, risking with the color palette and dressing the classic elements differently. And you can do the same.

Images - Good Housekeeping, Sugar & Cloth, Culture Trip, @junipercakery, WomansDay, @twinkletwinklelittleparty

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