Decorating the table for a celebration

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Decor : Decorating the table for a celebration


The wonderful arrangement of the festive table is of great importance to prepare a celebration in any style and for any occasion: birthdays, romantic dinner, New Years and even for the most common traditional dinner with the family.

The beautiful decoration of the festive table allows you to set the right tone for all kinds of celebration, pleasantly surprise the guests and have a good time with the dearest people.

An excellent table arrangement presupposes a competent arrangement of plates, glasses, goblets and cutlery on the table for a celebration or party.


In addition, the table setting for an important event requires that special attention be paid to every element of the festive table, from the tablecloths to the table decorations for the holidays.

Particular attention should also be paid to the design of dishes and the food that you are going to serve, having made beautiful cuts on the festive table, taking into account modern traditions and trends.


But today we will focus exclusively on the festive table, and we will try to pay special attention to every detail of the table. In addition, we have prepared a collection of trendy table decoration ideas for the holidays.

It is worth mentioning that there are no strict table setting canons, but there are still principles of modern table setting, which it is advisable to follow to prepare for the various celebrations taking into account the best traditions.


It’s the beautiful table, plus the delicious food and drinks, that will tell you a lot about their hospitality, sense of taste, and style. After all, the festive table is an important aesthetic aspect in preparation for parties and celebrations.

In the preparation of the feast and in the execution of the table, the celebration itself is of great importance. Depending on this, you can choose decorations for a beautiful serving, as well as the style of serving itself.


Flowers and twigs, candles in different styles, as well as other decorative means in the form of fir twigs and balls for New Years and Christmas, Easter bunnies, hearts for a romantic dinner will create the desired atmosphere at the festive table with its beautiful setting.
Also, the beautiful setting of the table is determined by the time of year: in the summer you can use the theme of the sea to set the table and other bright ideas, in winter and autumn – calmer details in color and textures to set the table .


And remember that it is the small details that can create a good impression of the celebrations, allowing you to pleasantly surprise your guests.

We offer for your review decorated festive table setting ideas for different types of celebrations in various interpretations, inspired by which you can make your own beautiful table for any occasion.
Wonderful table setting – subtleties and features.


The amazing festive table will allow you to spend some wonderful hours around the table and leave only the best and pleasant impressions afterwards.

The lovely table setting is determined by your choice of tablecloth, which can be holiday style or traditional white. You can choose a colored tablecloth below and on top – a short white tablecloth to set the table for the holidays, which looks great.

A small aspect is important: the decoration of the table with white tablecloths will be more interesting if the accent is given with beautiful napkins and colored decorations. Therefore, it is not necessary to choose bright tablecloths to get a wonderful festive table.


As for serving the table with plates and cutlery, it all depends on the menu you choose. And white porcelain plates without unnecessary decoration and drawings will always be appropriate and beautiful.
Variations in the arrangement of plates, cutlery, glasses and glasses are shown in the photo tips, after which you can create an amazing and irresistible table in the best modern traditions.
The arrangement of dishes to set the table in style on a holiday can be done with or without a large plate. On them you can put sandwiches or first course dishes. But the dessert dishes are determined to the left of the main ones.


When serving, you can use textile napkins under the plates so that they do not slide off each other. When setting the festive table, the cutlery and glasses should also be placed in the order shown in the photo suggestion.
When setting the table, we put the cutlery: we put spoons and knives to the right of the plate, the fork to the left, you can put a teaspoon on top.
According to who and what will be drinking, they select glasses, wine glasses, cocktail glasses, glasses and glasses, which are placed on the right diagonally.


The culmination of the festive table is the arrangement of napkins, which are also of great importance in a spectacular festive table. Beautifully folded napkins are always a treat. To do this, it is worth using origami techniques, with which you can beautifully fold cloth napkins and decorate the festive table in the best way.
Trendy photo ideas for the festive table in several more variations …
Are you waiting for guests and want to effectively set the table for the holidays? So take a look and get inspired by the best photo ideas for table setting for a vacation that you can take care of yourself right now!







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