Decoration for weddings – Trends that succeed this year

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Decoration for weddings - Trends that succeed this year

Decoration for wedding

We always love to see and discover the trends of each year. Especially when it comes to the decoration for weddings, because in them we will also be the order of the day. Although it is true that later, each one will be able to adapt them to their tastes or to the space they have chosen for their big day.

It is true that wedding decoration can be the most varied. Between the colors, the details that compose it and the trends, you will be able to form the special and unique place with which you have always dreamed. Today we tell you all those trends in decoration that are already going strong this season. Are you ready for this?.

Bet on the natural and say goodbye to the rustic

It seems that the rustic style has remained in the background. Although it seems to be a lie, one of those styles that seemed to have a great role always, has not been this way this year. But neither should we take our hands to the head, since their brushstrokes are still there. It is a decoration for weddings more natural. That is why the floral arrangements and plants will always be present at the tables, chairs or in the corners of our wedding. In addition, there will be no recharged details, but we are before some soft and delicate colors. Without a doubt, green as well as white will shake hands this season.

Decoration for natural weddings

Decoration for weddings in mauve or violet tones

The violet color is giving a lot of play this season. So in addition to the naturalness mentioned, it seems that a load of vibrant tones is also available. Therefore, you can always play with them, which never hurts. We will start from the violet color but without focusing only on it, we will also create a perfect combination of different tonalities. You can capture them from the flowers, to the details of the tables.

Tableware combinations for the most original weddings

We talked about the colors that the wedding in general and the table in particular can have. But certainly, we will not forget the components of those months. So if we think about the crockery of an original wedding, nothing like making a perfect combination of it. It is no longer necessary to have a single game, but we can combine several even though they have very different colors. Both the colors and the finishes and textures can be combined to create a truly fascinating table. It will be a perfect idea for those outdoor weddings.

Decoration ideas weddings

Verbena style lights to illuminate the wedding

If there is something that does not go out of style and that is also another of the unique details in decoration for weddings is this. It's about placing verbena style lights, when the wedding is outdoors, since they will be more integrated. A few rows of lights that give the place the most romantic touch. Although it is one of those styles that you already know well, they are still a trend no matter how hard we resist.

Tables for weddings

A varied pecking

Although it is true that perhaps it is not decoration in itself, we can not forget the latest trends in this regard. Because the options to combine food and decoration have grown. In this way, we will place a series of shelves or tables where the pecking will be present. A kind of free buffet, with skewers for all tastes, options and colors. Here you can unleash your imagination. Not only as recipes but also in the way of decorating it. Since it will always be consistent with the theme of the wedding and as such, we can add some of the options that we mentioned before, as flowers or colors. Do not you think it's a good idea?

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