Decoration of modern attics Summer 2021: easy and cheap ideas

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If you live in an attic you have many possibilities for its decoration so that it is modern and all based on ideas that you are sure to love as they are very simple to apply. Let’s see the best of the Decoration of modern penthouses for Summer 2021 with easy and cheap ideas.

And with the decoration of modern attics, we can also look at the decoration of terraces since these cannot be missing in a good attic, so that it allows us to somehow unify the space with elements such as plants.

Decoration of modern and small penthouses

If you have a small attic but you want it to show modern, the best idea of ​​all will obviously be to bet on the white as the main color on the walls.

You can even leave the exposed brick walls, since these are a trend and they look very good in an attic, although betting again, on white as the main color.

In case you have a really small attic, sharing stays in the same space, you can decorate with the color combination and minimalist elements so that everything stands out without being too “cluttered”

Also give priority to the use of windows as much as you can so that the largest amount of natural light, also choosing curtains like the blinds.

Decoration of large modern penthouses

Have a large attic It is a luxury because in it you can apply great decoration ideas either the creation of complete window panes.

Or also, the commitment to minimalist decor giving color back to the fore White.

In a large attic you can also choose furniture that is also large and somehow use them also for divide spaces.

Or you can opt for a decoration that, although modern, drinks from spirit of industrial design with wooden beams on the ceiling or brick walls.

Decoration of elongated modern attics

If your attic is elongated, the ideal is arrange the decoration of this, with decorative elements of different colors, like cushions, towards the natural light coming through the largest window of the house. In this way, you will make the whole space look wider even though you fill it to the maximum.

In this way, you will also ensure that the attic always looks modern and fresh, perfect for it to become a comfortable and cozy home.

Having an elongated attic will also imply having a terrace of these characteristics, which you can decorate with terrace furniture such as sofas and the odd plant, thus being able to take better advantage of the longitudinal space you have

Decoration of modern penthouses with pergola

The pergolas they are a great decorative solution for attics and in particular for terraces, thus being able to decorate creating an isolated space within the terrace itself.

Pergolas that you can place in wood or also combining with plexiglass in order to isolate the terrace from the wind or rain.

Or with sliding awnings to enjoy the sun when we want or to be in the shade if we want to eat on the terrace in summer.

Awnings that can be made of fabric or other materials such as hemp.

Decoration of modern penthouses with plants

The decoration of attics with plants is another key so that they look beautiful and modern without also having to make a great expense. We can like this fill the terrace of our attic with plants of different colors.

And also of course, plants of different sizes. If the attic and terrace are small, we do not need to choose large plants.

Or you can also dedicate yourself to place countless plants on your terrace to enjoy its view from inside, as long as you have a large attic with a corresponding terrace, as we see in this other image.

And inside the house we can also choose plants to decorate our attic, ensuring that these are those that support more light, since they will survive better in an attic where natural light is already usually plenty.

Even in the bathit will be a good idea place some other plant so that the space of our attic looks entirely decorated.

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