Decoration style – How to choose the style that goes with you

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Decoration style - How to choose the style that goes with you

Decoration style

Sometimes we have very clear what decoration style It is the one that fits in our home, but it does not always happen that way. Because there are times when we do not know why decoration style to choose. Maybe because it will depend on the environment or because we like several of them and we do not know which direction to take.

Whatever the cause, we help you to choose a final decision. The style of decoration will be something that we will live with, hence we need to be clear what we like, the colors we prefer and until the finishing of the furniture. Details that add up and we need to clarify them. We begin?

In the information is the first step

Without a doubt, we need a little information to take the first step. We will find it both in magazines and in web pages intended for decoration. Only in them can we see what are the trends and the combinations that will best remain in our home. It is a way to get an idea and to point these combinations. Because everyone has a different taste and as such, there will always be some style or finish that meets our expectations.

Decoration styles

Think also of the measurements of each room and the brightness of them, since depending on all this, we can add more or less colors and furniture. Starting from this, also think about what type of decoration you would like: Are you one of the people who love vintage? Or, on the contrary, do you prefer a modern and avant-garde style or perhaps, minimalist ?.

If you are looking for a simple decoration style, with harmony and lots of light

All these characteristics lead us towards the same style of decoration. We are talking about the minimalist or also the Nordic. One of the most chosen by all, and no wonder. It's based on simple furniture and little recharged, like the decoration in general. Use wood combined with white or gray colors and creams. That is, tonalities with which to bring more light to the environment. In this case, we are facing one of the simplest styles that end with candles or plants as details but without recharging. Do you like these ideas?

For lofts or apartments with wide ceilings, the industrial style

Depending on the type of home, you can also attach one or another style of decoration. In this case we are left with the industrial style. One of the most appreciated, although it is true that it is a somewhat cold decoration, although perfect for apartments and lofts. Use steel or brick as materials, the beams are visible and the furniture is a little darker than the previous ones, where the brown or black tones will be protagonists. It is true that here you can combine both classic and modern furniture.

Rustic decoration

Cozy style and very close to nature

The rustic style It is one of the most demanded. It is true that it is usually intended for country houses, but as we say, everyone can adapt it wherever they want. It is one of those very warm and welcoming styles. Stone and wood will be two of the main protagonists. In addition to the brown color you can also opt for dark greens, as well as not too bright reds or purple ones. Remember that details related to nature are used for the decorative elements. The natural fibers in the carpets or the wicker between the furniture, are also very affordable options.

Boho decoration

A lot of decoration, many colors in your decoration style

Then you are looking for a boho style that combines colors at will and nobody tells you that you can not have your spaces quite overloaded. Both as furniture and details by the walls. All this will make us find a style of decoration that not everyone likes for the whole house. On the walls there is usually wallpaper, in addition to carpets that are combined in great colors, like blankets or cushions. Do you already have a little clearer what do you prefer?


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