Decoration with mandalas – Symbols to create a relaxing space

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Decor : Decoration with mandalas – Symbols to create a relaxing space

room mandalas decoration

If you want to decorate your home with elements that have meaning and at the same time have a relaxing atmosphere, decoration with mandalas is an excellent option. The mandalas are They have become very popular in recent years. These geometric drawings are much mtos than a decorative item.

wall corner mandala decor

The mandalas are They originated in India and are very popular in Buddhism and Hinduism. Today these drawings can be seen on different elements such as rugs, chairs, paintings and even painted on stones. Mandalas are believed to represent different aspects of the universe.

decoration with mandalas ornament

They are used as instruments of meditation and symbols of prayer, especially in China, Japan, and Tibet. Basically these drawings help meditation and also relaxation. You can perfectly draw them yourself starting from the center towards the edges. There is a lot of information on how to paint mandalas.

decoration with mandalas salon

Creating mandalas helps you to be relaxed and disconnected from problems. So many people use mandalas to combat stress. When you have your mandala it will only be enough to look at the center of the drawing design to concentrate and relax your mind. You can do this in any space that is quiet and with your mandala nearby.

decoration with mandalas drawing

Decoration with mandalas

This type of drawing is also very popular in interior design. We will show you some ideas for you to take into account and decorate your home with this beautiful symbol and have a relaxing space. This ofcision of wanting a decoration with mandalas in your home is mtoI know I just paint them.

decoration with mandalas in blue

Sure, if you decide to make them yourself. This means capturing a part of yourself in the drawings, creating and combining shapes and colors so that you can also relax. So we invite you to try painting some mandalas to decorate your home. You could start with small drawings, now yes, you already have some practice so start by choosing the place where you want to draw your mandala and the size you want.

decoration with mandalas behind sofa

To help you a little more you can use a template for the design. Then you must eleturn a color scheme to match your current room decor. A great mandala as a headboard is a great idea to replace traditional headboards.

bedroom mandala decor

Center your mandala with the bed and choose the appropriate colors for you. You might even think about putting in a few small bulbs that light up that space. With this you would be complementing a relaxed atmosphere in your bedroom. You could also think of a decoration with mandalas in the entrance of your home.

decoration with mandalas decorative element

Without a doubt this is a unique experience, when you come home after a long day and when you enter your house you are greeted with a mandala, either on the wall or on the floor of your entrance. If you like candles, do not hesitate to have some close to your mandala and light them as soon as you get home.

Beautiful and original accent wall with mandala

fireplace mandala decor

That would be the perfect complement to highlight your decoration with mandalas and will make you feel more relaxed. Another great option. To add the mandalas to your home decor is to place it behind the sofa. You can paint a large mandala or even several smaller ones.

decoration with mandalas styles

Remember that today, there are many ways to get mandalas for decoration. If you do not want to paint them yourself, you can get it in large or small pictures. Also on rugs that you can hang or place on the floor of your room. You could even customize them on wallpaper.

decoration with mandalas large picture living room

In short, you decide how you want to include the mandalas in your home decoration, they will be appreciated and will give a different touch to your space. Fabrics with a mandala print won’t be hard to find either. But we recommend that if the space you want to place it is small, it is better to choose colorful prints or warmer pastel shades.

wall mandala decor

Now, if the space is very large then it is better not to use very colorful fabrics since it could get a bit tiring for the eyes. Although it is only recommendations, the decoration of your home will depend on your taste and style. It is worth mentioning that when we mention patterned fabrics we are not only referring to rugs.

bedroom wall decor with mandalas

You can also use patterned fabrics with mandalas on curtains, rugs, duvets, and even cushions. It all depends on your taste, a decoration with mandalas can be obtained with various elements. So you have a lot of options when it comes to including mandalas in your home decor.

Decoration with mandalas in the bedroom combining textiles

decoration with mandalas combination

Some people may prefer historical mandalas, other modern designs, or perhaps printable mandalas which can be painted and added to interior decoration. You could even read a little about the mandalas and what they represent so that you can more safely choose which one you want in your decoration. Knowing a little more about the different symbols and colors will be much better for your choice.

room mandala decor

Not all mandalas have the Buddha in mind, some have Chinese gods, characters, symbols and forms. Elements are usually represented within the inner circle, such as fire or water. You will also appreciate that some mandalas feature the yin yang symbol, dragons, or other animals of the Chinese zodiac.

decoration with golden mandalas

Another great way to use a mandala in your home decor is to add it with an element. That is, you can paint a mandala or create a mosaic on an element, such as a rock, and place it to the northeast or southwest. A mandala on a metal object and place it in the west or northwest. A mandala in a chandelier or a lantern and place it to the south. Mandala on a wooden object and place it to the east or southeast or a water source in the northern sector. This is if you want to use it combining the decoration of your home with feng shui.

simple mandala decor

In the same way you can simply place your mandala in a place where you can easily see it all the time. Remember that the main objective of the mandala is that you can relax with it. Without a doubt it is a beautiful symbol that is worth taking into account for home decoration.

girl's mandala decor

decoration with mandalas on the door

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