Decoration with salt lamps

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Decoration with salt lamps

Salt lamps benefits

The decoration with salt lamps It is always a proposal of the most attractive. Among them, the most famous with the so-called 'salt lamps of the Himalayas', which will provide a dim light for each stay in the home. Therefore, with such an element, we will achieve a relaxed decoration.

These decorative details do not have a specific place in our house. Since they can be part of the entrance of the same, as well as appear in the bathrooms or in our study and work tables. In addition to the decoration itself, they also feature a series of benefits that we tell you today.

What are salt lamps

Although the compounds in the form of crystals of this type of lamps are usually transparent or white, it is true that the salt lamps of the Himalayas have other tonalities. Specifically, they are characterized by a reddish or orange tone. In this way, we can say that it is a lamp composed of salt stones, which are hollowed out inside in order to introduce the bulb. In this way, this effect of color is achieved through minerals. It must be mentioned that the salt stones date back more than 250 million years ago. As an end, you will get a relaxing effect, so they are perfect to give you that tranquility that we are looking for in our home.

How to decorate with salt lamps from the Himalayas

What is the use of decoration with salt lamps

Although it is true that many people do not believe the benefits of decorating with salt lamps, it is something that has been used for many years. So if you like them, you do not lose anything in trying. It is said that this type of stones are responsible for emitting negative ions so they will balance the environment. Remember that if the room where you are going to place a lamp of this type, is very large, the stone will also have to go according to that size. They are usually snear electronic devices, because these are responsible for emitting positive ions. So the combination of both details will leave a more balanced environment, as we have mentioned.

Decorating with salt lamps

The benefits of these lamps

  • Improve your mood: In the environment there are usually more positive ions, therefore, we need to balance them with the negative ones released by this type of lamps. When there are more positive ions in the environment, we will notice more tiredness and less concentration. So we need to improve this with a salt lamp that can activate our mood and with it, the mood.
  • They get to clean the air: They can reduce the aromas as well as eliminate the dust or pollen that usually flood the rooms, getting a better breathing and healthier.
  • Since we will place them next to the electronic devices, these lamps get get rid of excess electromagnetic waves that usually produce such devices.
  • But not only those benefits for ourselves, but in the theme of decoration, they will achieve a result of relaxed and balanced environment.

How to decorate with salt lamps

  • You can place Various lamps of different sizes. Without a doubt, it is an original idea to place on any table in your home or, shelving surrounded by books.
  • Remember that although the most usual are orange, we can always choose other tones that combine with the stay in particular or with our personal taste. Some people choose to personalize them with colored chalk, which are going through the surface, very carefully.
  • The ideal is decorate with salt lamps next to the television in the living room or the computer in our studio. But without forgetting the bedside table or, on a side table that goes next to the sofa, since they are places where we also spend a lot of time.

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