Decorative ideas to renovate your home this January

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Decor : Decorative ideas to renovate your home this January

Renovate spaces

January arrives and we all want to start something new, change our lives a little and for this we can start making changes that bring new air to our home, something that will give us a sense of beginning. We are going to see some decorative ideas to renovate the home this January with the beginning of the year, since we must not only change inside but make everything change.

These decorative ideas are guidelines that you can carry out in your home to give a different look to your house but they do not have to be trends to follow. There are many decorative inspirations waiting for you to carry them out. These ideas are just a few simple inspirations to change your home a bit.

Less is more

One of the first things you can do for your home is remove what is only annoying. Everything that is no longer necessary takes up space, it is like noise in our home that takes away our peace and therefore it is a good idea to start the year with a good cleaning, even in terms of decoration. Visit each room and do a review of the things you have in it, those that you really like and are necessary and make a list with which you want to remove or change for a while. So you will have an idea of ​​how to change your home. Today we return to a type of decoration where less is more, comfort and functionality are sought in the home, open and serene spaces and for this we have to eliminate everything that is left over.

Add plants

Plants in the home

He natural touch is another trend that you should add in your home because the presence of plants tends to add well-being to your home. So go for pretty indoor plants or put plants on your balcony for color. If your decoration does not have much color because you have opted for the Nordic style, the plants give life and color to our home. In addition, it is a way to start in the care of plants as a new motivation for the new year.

Paint your walls

Painting walls

One of the ways to create a new decoration in our home is to change the tone of the walls. You can choose a totally new color or to paint your walls in total white if you have them in color. The look of an entire room can change just by using another paint on the walls. For the more daring we recommend ideas such as creating games of colors, painting half of the wall or painting with geometric figures. There are also very striking ideas such as gradients or you can even opt for wallpaper, which will help you add motifs on the walls.

Paint the furniture

Painting furniture

If you can paint your walls to change the look of the rooms you can also change the color of the furniture. We really like the trend of white furniture if you have it made of wood and it is a great idea to give light to the spaces. But there is also another trend that brings us furniture painted in strong tones such as yellow or navy blue to make that furniture stand out. The ideas are very varied but painting the furniture can give a new life to your home.

Change small details

Renovated decor

Other option that is very valid to give a new look to your home It is changing small details, for example putting new pictures on the walls, changing some lamps or a carpet. Also decorative details such as a bookcase, a simple vase with flowers or a figure can change the space.

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