Decorative pumpkins with non-traditional colors for your home

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Decor : Decorative pumpkins with non-traditional colors for your home

autumn decorative pumpkins

When we think of decorative pumpkins to decorate our home in the fall we immediately think of vibrant orange. But these days, bright orange is just one of many decorative pumpkin colors available.

popular decorative pumpkins

There are different shades that go from a deep and robust scarlet to a light blue and a delicate or ghostly white. Pumpkins have been cultivated for over five thousand years. And as we already mentioned, pumpkins come in many different colors.

decorative pumpkins living room

Usually the colors found are orange, red, blue and white. This depends on the type and also the cultivation of the pumpkin. And it is because of the variety of colors that pumpkins are ideal for various uses. Both in the kitchen as food and to make crafts and decorate the home.

pink white decorative pumpkins

Decorative pumpkins of different colors

The various colors that can be found in pumpkins is the result of different ways of growing. The genetic makeup of the pumpkins is what ultimately determines their color. They are the result of different aspects, both natural and artificial, of crossing and hybridization. Producing green, orange, blue-gray and yellow gourds, sometimes with speckled stripes and other patterns.

decorative pumpkins houses

China and India are the largest pumpkin producers in the world, where light and dark green cultivars are very common. However, Illinois has mtos or less the 90 percent of all bright orange pumpkin production in the U.S.

colored decorative pumpkins

While blue pumpkins, while not that popular, can be found in parts of Australia, New Zealand, and North America. Actually, there are several types of pumpkins that can be used both for cooking and for home decoration. Next we will indicate the types mtos popular.

decorative pumpkins combination

The big pumpkins

Large, plump pumpkins are the stars of international pumpkin harvest fairs and festivals. These are transported in trucks and hoisted on scales. Where the largest pumpkin is the winner of an event, which usually gets a prize, consisting of a ribbon, a cash prize, and notoriety.

giant decorative pumpkins

In some places, pumpkins are carved into the shape of a boat and races are held. The world record for the largest is more of 1,190 kilos award winning orange pumpkin. These are also used as decorative pumpkins, which are very striking displays on porches as well as in public places.

gaudy decorative pumpkins

But it is worth mentioning that these pumpkins are not grown for eating or carving. This is because they generally lack flavor compared to other types of squash.tos small. AdemtoI know its pulp can be a bit difficult to remove.

decorative outdoor pumpkins

Blue pumpkins

These beautiful blue pumpkins contrast nicely with their warmer orange and yellow sisters. These have an appearance with a dramatic and even ghostly touch. Blue pumpkins are actually very eye-catching because of how unusual they are. Of all the non-traditional colors for pumpkins, blue without a doubt seems to be the most unexpected.

blue decorative pumpkins

Decorative blue pumpkins look really beautiful when paired with orange pumpkins to complement the decor. Also, blue is a calming color that many people like. And it is not at all traditional when it comes to using it for fall decoration.

blue decorative pumpkins

However, you can even use different shades of blue to make your fall décor spaces even more special. Even apart from the blue pumpkins you can also collect some acorns and paint them with this cute color.

decorative pumpkins art

Another way you could also decorate your home are with decorative pumpkins made in blue fabric, opt for ombre blue pumpkin arrangements and blue flowers. Arrange and decorate your dining table in blue and white and add metallic touches for a super modern look.

painted decorative pumpkins

Cheese gourds

ANDThese gourds are so named because they resemble large wheels of cheese. These pumpkins are pale yellow and orange. They are also in different sizes and are strikingly displayed at different levels on the porch or on the front steps. They can be placed alone or mixed with bright orange pumpkins and pots full of fall bloomers like chrysanthemums and the marigolds.

decorative pumpkins designs

The delicate white pumpkins

These beautiful pumpkins appeared on the market only a dozen years ago. Once a rarity, white pumpkins only found at farmers markets, they are now making their way into more homes in a very significant way, and they’re also becoming a fall favorite to decorate.

white decorative pumpkins

Of course, compared to traditional orange pumpkins, white pumpkins are a bit more expensive. These pumpkins are great when carved for decoration and lit up from within. White skin and pale yellow flesh produce a somber glow.

golden white decorative pumpkins

The vast majority love to decorate with white pumpkins because they are fresh, clean, and classic, so they fit into any decor. Arrangements with different sizes can be placed. It can also be used as an elegant vase for a fall flower arrangement.

glitter white decorative pumpkins

But however you display these gorgeous pumpkins, one should never be missing in your centerpiece during the fall season. White pumpkins are also very attractive in fall porch displays.

decorative pumpkins stairs

Green pumpkins

Green pumpkins have evolved their cultivation over time due to both natural and artificial factors. While generally, their color is based on their genetic makeup. Other elements, such as harvesting methods, also influence the production of green squash.

green decorative pumpkins

Green pumpkins come in different shapes and sizes. Many of these are spherical , with deep ridges and a hard and smooth outer skin. But nevertheless, other green pumpkins can be elongated , have speckled streaks or be covered in bumpy warts.

decorative pumpkins green black

The beautiful miniature pumpkins

Even if the area you want to decorate is limited, you can always find space somewhere to display one or more mini pumpkins. Mini pumpkins are the perfect size, making them ideal for little hands to paint or decorate. They are actually so versatile that you can use them to make beautiful table decorations.decorative pumpkins table

The classic orange pumpkins

Automatically, when we think of pumpkins, the color orange comes to mind. Today, there are numerous varieties and hybrids of traditional orange pumpkins in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are the so-called sugar or cake pumpkins.

decorative pumpkins entrance house

These are small orange pumpkins. They are simple in appearance and smooth skin, which can be carved or painted. They look great placed in a pile on the porch or on the front steps of the home. And best of all, thanks to its buttery meat, you can make the best baked cakes, cookies and sweets.

traditional decorative pumpkins

Happy and colorful fall decor

If you love colors and want to create a great colorful decoration, this is the time. Obviously the most important and the first thing you will need for autumn decoration, it’s a pumpkin. You can really paint them the color you want, either pink, purple or green and more. You can also make arrangements out of the ordinary and with a touch of madness, adding all kinds of decorative and very colorful pumpkins.

cheerful decorative pumpkins

You can also dress them or make them out of fabric as a beautiful DIY project. You can make a beautiful and original decoration to give your table an extra touch of style with porcelain and colored napkins. You could add colorful signs and a spectacular centerpiece to create a unique atmosphere while you enjoy a delicious dinner.

s-decorative original designs

Fall decoration with pink pumpkins

Of course there are no original pink pumpkins. However, pink is another non-typical color to decorate in the fall. But you can easily paint them to change and fill the space you want to decorate for fall with fun and glamor.

decorative pumpkins different sizes

Pink flowers, pink pumpkins, fake fall greens wreaths in pink. These are just some ideas that you can recreate in your home. In the same way, you can give your pink pumpkins different effects such as color blocks, ombre, among others, and create a room with a decoration. only.

original decorative pumpkins

How to properly paint your pumpkin

Choose a good pumpkin to paint on with a smooth, even surface without bruises, scratches, or blemishes. Try to avoid pumpkins with lots of bumps or bumps, as they will be a bit more difficult to paint and create funky decorative pumpkins.

bronze decorative pumpkins

You should also make sure that it does not have any wormholes. Also that the pumpkin is flat enough to stand upright. Well, now that you have your pumpkin clean and dry it. Gently wipe off dirt with a moistened paper towel or baby wipe.

colorful decorative pumpkins

Use a soft, dry cloth to dry the pumpkin thoroughly but very gently and carefully. Try not to brush the squash with a stiff brush as you could bruise it and damage the skin. And something important for you to take into account is not to wet the stem area as this can cause the pumpkin to rot.

glitter decorative pumpkins

Now that you have your pumpkin clean and dry, you have to choose a nice design for it. Almost any design can look good on a pumpkin. Of course, you shouldn’t pick one that complicated either unless you want to spend a lot of time on your project.

black decorative pumpkins

Designs with geometric shapes or simply painting them with a single color are the most popular. There are also designs of faces, bats among others for Halloween decorations. Once you’ve chosen the design you want, sketch gently on a piece of paper for reference.

Pumpkin decoration with simple patterns

decorative pumpkins ideas

Although this is optional, applying a sealer to the surface of the pumpkin before painting helps the paint adhere much better to the surface of the pumpkin. Purchase a craft sealer at a craft or hobby store. Sealants are available in spray cans or squeeze bottles, depending on your preference.

decorative pumpkins abstract design

Apply a very generous coat of sealer evenly over the entire surface of the pumpkin. Then let it dry completely. Using a permanent marker and a template or pattern you have made, lightly trace your design onto the pumpkin. Try to do the best you can as you will paint over what you draw.

decorative pumpkins centerpiece

To keep your template firm you can use tape to stick it. If you need to draw straight lines, you can also tape pieces of tape to the pumpkin. We advise you to preferably use transfer paper or also known as graphite paper, to trace your design.

decorative pumpkins with flowers

This one is perfect for transferring a design or pattern to any surface. Use an acrylic paint to paint your pumpkin. It is best to paint the pumpkin in sections, depending on your design. This will give each section time to dry before moving on to the next.

halloween decorative pumpkins

You can use any tools you prefer such as brushes, cotton swabs, sponges, or cotton balls. Also try to have a damp cloth nearby to quickly clean up any mistakes. Decorating the pumpkins can even be a family activity. Once your project is finished, just admire it and decide where to place your beautiful decorative pumpkins to display it.

fancy decorative pumpkins

different decorative pumpkins

black white pattern decorative pumpkins

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