Decorative styles for the terrace

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Decor : Decorative styles for the terrace

Stylish terrace

This year we are taking great advantage of the terrace area, since it is a place where we can be without restrictions. So there are many people who have proposed to renew it and make it perfect. It is an outdoor place at home and a relaxation space for the whole family, so it should be nice and cozy.

We’ll see some styles to decorate the terrace that we can use to create a perfect space. If you want to make the most of your terrace, you can get inspiration from some of the ideas that we are going to give you. This summer you will have a leisure place on your terrace.

Nordic style

Nordic style

If there is a style that is undoubtedly being a big trend throughout Europe, it is the Nordic style, which is inspired precisely by the simplicity and functionality of the Nordic countries. A terrace in this style will seek to use neutral tones, especially white, since the spaces are usually open and bright. Textiles play a great importance, which can have geometric patterns or even add a little color with shades that are soft, like pastel colors. On the other hand, the furniture must be simple, with basic lines and, preferably, in white or black. To take advantage of the terrace and give it a casual touch you can use details such as garlands, but that are simple, such as those that only use light bulbs.

Terrace in modern style

Modern style

Modern style can also be a good choice, because it is also very easy to find furniture and decorative details in this trend. Modern is usually related to the simplest minimalist style, so we will not add too many decorative details. Terrace furniture can have that wicker touch that will give them warmth, since in modern environments straight lines and black and white tones predominate. In textiles we can add some kind of color, but almost always textiles are used in plain tones, without prints. If we want to add some detail we can put a design lamp to give light at night.

Terrace with rustic style

Rustic style

If yours is the most rustic style, then you may want to give that touch to your terrace. You can include some wooden furniture, with textiles that have pictures. In addition, a wooden table with rustic touches can be the ideal detail. Brick wall is another good idea, as there are even wallpapers that mimic brick today. Another idea that can be adapted very well to this beautiful style are rattan or rattan furniture. Today we can even find wicker rugs or lamps, being a perfect material to combine with wood in a rustic environment.

Arab style on the terrace

Arabic style

The Arabic style can be a good choice if we like to give a touch of color to everything. Using seats and large Arab rugs can be ideal to create a very different terrace. Strong tones tend to abound in this style, in addition to the profusion of textiles. The furniture is low and without a doubt we must get hold of some arabic style leather pouf and small arabic table, such as those used for tea. The final touch would be given by a beautiful Arabic lamp for the terrace.

Join the bohemian style

Bohemian style

Bohemian style can be another of the choices for the terrace area. It is a style that stands out for its ease, in which we also find a lot of color and combinations. Use textiles with different patterns and shades, add banners and garlands. Dare to even put some vintage furniture like a small wooden table or some antique candle holders. The bohemian style stands out precisely for being much freer than others.

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