Decorative trends 2020 – Apply them to your home

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Decorative trends 2020 - Apply them to your home

decorative trends

The decorative trends They also come stomping in this 2020. Some will sound like you but others come stomping. Hence, it is worth noting that we echo it and that we gradually introduce them into our home in simple ways.

If you are thinking of renovate your home, even with some simple details, here we propose to combine the best decorative trends, with great ideas. You will see how your house looks like another in a matter of minutes. Let's see what these ideas are!

Combine the classic blue, the color of the year

We have started the year with one of the colors that will represent it. Once again, Pantone honors us with one of the quintessential colors. It's about blue. But not of any tone but we talk about what is mentioned as classic. A somewhat dark tone but full of sweetness and style. Therefore, it can be perfect for bedrooms, in which we will add the occasional cushion or carpets of this hue. Without forgetting details such as a lamp on the bedside tables. We will combine it with white or light gray and we will have a great idea.

pallet decoration

More natural decorative trends

Naturalness also likes in decoration. Especially when we talk about recycling objects. Therefore, this year remains as another of the great ideas for our homes. Ideas that can be attached in any room. Where both in the classroom we can see how the wooden or pallet tables They are a great option. Materials such as ropes also allow us to decorate the walls or in the form of a pouf. In the bathroom the laundry baskets can also have natural materials and even decorate with a wooden ladder. Do not forget a wooden bench presiding over the bed and also recycled headboards.

Painted paper

The walls also emerge as great protagonists. That is why we should dress them in the best possible way. One of those ways will be with the painted paper. Since today we can find it in different patterns and colors. So it will always be one of those options to consider. Of course, you can always bet to apply it only on the main wall. For example, inside the room, it will be perfect on that wall where the furniture is or, where the television. You can also do the same in the bedroom, placing it in the headboard area. Don't you think it's a good idea?

plants to decorate

Plants in your home

Without a doubt, we cannot forget the prominence that the plants in our home. A leading role that should always be present. Therefore, if we mentioned the most natural places before, within a decoration that bets on recycled materials, we now join it with the special touch that plants provide. It is true that it is not worth recharging stays with them. Simply place some pots in strategic points such as the living room. Pots with small plants on shelves or create a kind of corner shelf that welcomes them.

The usual colors

Although we have mentioned the color of the year, now we have to combine it with those old colors that do not go out of style, but are very necessary. We talk about the neutral tones. Because they are in charge of combining with other more intense colors, but at the same time, they give us an elegant touch where they exist. Beige is one of the main ones, in addition to white. Of course, if you want to give the most original touch to all of them, let yourself be carried away by colors like orange, but only by brushstrokes. Since we want the neutrals to remain the protagonists.

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