Decorative tricks to give light and color to the home

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Decor : Decorative tricks to give light and color to the home

Bright home

Homes should be comfortable places where we feel comfortable. That is why the decoration has a lot to do with personal well-being. It is important to search among the different alternatives that are offered to us to get the most out of our spaces.

Let’s see some practical tricks that we can apply at home to give light and color to the home. These two elements are very important when creating a good environment. The light makes the spaces seem wide and open and the colors can transmit many feelings to us.

Use white tones

White shades

The base of any decoration must undoubtedly be white and light tones. Broken whites serve us because the important thing is that white helps us to expand the spaces visually and also to make everything seem full of light. If we use white, we can put it on walls, furniture and textiles, to give more light to everything, although we should not go too far. A space where we only see white can be too aseptic and even boring. So we can play with shades of white or with textures. Be that as it may, white is here to stay as a must-have staple.

Reflective surfaces

If you only use matte shades you will get the spaces seem much duller. In addition, matte paints have a disadvantage, and that is that in them any small defect is much more noticeable than in those that are shiny or satin. A tip that we give you to have bright spaces is to use reflective surfaces, with paints that have some shine or at least a satin effect.

Play with mirrors


Mirrors are our allies to expand spaces and reflect light. Also, there are so many mirrors of trend with beautiful designs that we love the idea of ​​incorporating them into different rooms. If you put them on a wall that faces a window, the mirror will reflect the light and it will seem to bend. As for mirrors, we love those that have a vintage touch, but wicker ones are also very fashionable. Which one do you like the most?

How to choose colors

Colors in the home

The colors tell a lot about our tastes, express emotions and they also have to do with the time of year. The best idea to change the color space is to invest in textiles and in small details. If we want to change the color of the home, textiles are always the best option. They are used to easily dress the spaces and to give color. It is good to stick to only one or two shades that match well. Similar tones, pastel or strong, are often sought, with colors that go well. For example, we can use complementary shades, such as yellow and purple. There are many possible combinations when adding color. We recommend looking for inspiration in combinations. Dare to dazzle with bright colors in details such as a vase, a plant or a carpet. We will give fun to the space without detracting from light.

Use the walls

Another one of the places where we can focus our attention is on the walls. White painted walls are a great idea, but sometimes they can be too boring and simple. That is why we can also add some color brushstroke to them. We propose some decorative sheets with touches of color that also combine with some textile, so that everything goes together. If we want something more daring, we can launch with the stickers. And if we want to add a lot of color to a specific wall, we can always use wallpaper, which has all kinds of motifs and colors.

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