Design and decoration loft 2020

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Design and decoration loft 2020

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<p style=Today we share with you ideas about design and decoration Loft. This interior style was born in the forties of the last century. The United States became their homeland, where, due to the increase in the rental price of buildings, many companies were forced to leave the city and expand their borders. Then, all production facilities began to be used as residential buildings. Some people (mostly creative people like artists and musicians) refused to radically change the interior, since brick walls, wooden beams and huge metal pipes seemed quite original. It was they who established a new direction. And after a few years, designers came up with creating a new unique style of interior decoration for the apartment, which combines practicality and creativity.

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<p style=Characteristics of the loft style inside a house or apartment.
A few years after its creation, the loft gained popularity not only in the United States but also in Europe. However, at present it is not necessary to buy industrial premises to experience the unique atmosphere of such a design. Specialists have long identified several rules, among which you can equip a house or apartment in loft style. This design option is suitable for creative people who are distinguished by creativity and a bold and non-standard approach to organizing their home.

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<p style=The word "loft" in English is translated as "attic." This is not accidental, because in itself that interior reminds a bit of a workshop or a factory. Among the main features of this design, the following aspects can be distinguished:

The most open design of an apartment or house. For the most part, the loft is specifically suited for studio apartments, in which there are no additional partitions or internal walls. In any case, try to make the space as open as possible.
High ceilings with large beams, vents, solid metal pipes, etc.

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<p style=Lack of wall decoration. Of course, the design of a room in loft style and decoration must be approached quite carefully, so the wall decoration here has an important place. However, it seems that it was installed in an unfinished building. This effect is reinforced by careless plaster, masonry on the walls, a large amount of concrete, etc.
The maximum amount of natural light in a room. Mass curtains and curtains are not relevant for a loft. Although the entire room has a rough finish, it should be as light as possible.


Fireplace. At the beginning, a chimney was used to heat a large amount of open space. Today, when this element performs a rather decorative function, it has long been presented as a mandatory attribute of this style.
Duplex apartment If the ceiling of the room is quite high, you can do an additional second level in the room. There is often a bed or a study. The main feature of the loft is the use of a massive and rough staircase, with which you can go up to the second level.
Neutral tones. Very often, brown, gray, beige, black or white tones are used for such a design. As an accent, you can add some brighter decoration elements.

decoracion-loft - killing-matt-woods-diseno

Bohemian style loft design and decoration

The traditional appearance of the room in this case is preserved to the fullest. However, you can choose more refined and bold elements such as furniture. The combination of rough walls and elements in poor condition with a massive and elegant sofa or armchair allows you to create a unique and at the same time cozy interior of any room. In addition, as art elements, various art objects are absolutely appropriate here. They can be paintings, figures, frames for mirrors, etc.

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<p style=The glamorous loft looks more elegant and minimalist than the previous version of the space. Its characteristic is a combination of pastel tones and brighter colors. Among the loft decoration elements, attention should be paid to lighting devices. Complement this room with original lighting fixtures, massive chandeliers, LED lights or classic floor lamps. Massive old mirrors, live plants in large concrete pots, original carpets or imitation of animal skins on the floor will also be appropriate.

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<p style=Industrial style loft design and decoration

In another sense, it is also called industrial. It is the most classic option and looks more like a factory space. Its main attributes are metal pipes, ventilation systems, wooden beams on the ceiling, a large number of cables, which is not masked and is located around the perimeter of the room. All the furniture in such a house combines an attractive appearance and practicality.

Loft-style room lighting
As a loft room is usually a large and open space, you should think about the diverse lighting. Unfortunately, in this case, a central chandelier may not be enough to make the room brighter and more comfortable.

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<p style=In addition, using multi-level light sources, you can improve the room, dividing it into several functional areas. In this style solution, any lighting device will look good. The main thing is to choose chandeliers or floor lamps that are suitable for the style, color scheme and dimensions of the room. The most popular options are:

Central lamps. Loft-style lamps may not always seem appropriate. They are more suitable for a bohemian variation of this style. However, the combination of cold concrete and neglected plaster in the lining of the room with a chandelier with a metal frame and a glass or glass shade will make its interior more original.

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<p style=Hanging lamp. They are the most characteristic lighting device for the loft style. Very often they are placed in several pieces in a row. In addition to the aesthetic function, such devices perform a practice, providing a uniform distribution of light throughout the room.

Standing lamps. The more traditional versions of floor lamps are not always appropriate in the loft style. Therefore, try to find original and non-standard solutions for floor lamps. For example, many designers recommend installing a so-called study light or spotlight. It will fit perfectly inside, creating the atmosphere of a photographic or cinematographic studio.

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<p style=LED backlight. Used more from a functional point of view. It is relevant for rooms with a small area. Such a lighting device will make the room brighter, but it will not take up a lot of space.
Loft-style room decoration
The basis of any repair is the decoration of the room. It is she who plays a leading role in the perception of the interior. Therefore, it is so important to provide even the most, at first glance, minor details. An important principle of the loft style is the combination of modern and artificially aged urban elements. The emphasis is on the following parts of the room:

decoration-loft-studiolav-ideas-dining room

Loft wall decoration

An apartment in the loft style must have a minimum number of internal walls. They reduce space and do not allow you to truly express all the reasons for this address. As elements for zoning, it is better to choose racks, screens, glass panels, etc. When choosing the shadow of the walls, attention should be paid to the fact that industrial motifs must be present in the room.


Therefore, if possible, leave the walls intact, with bricks, careless plaster, etc. You can also paint the walls: gray, white, beige or dark blue are suitable. Designers do not recommend using wallpaper to design such room. However, if you prefer this type of finish, pay attention to paints that mimic concrete, stone or brick.

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The original interior in the loft style implies the use of concrete as floor covering. However, this material has a major drawback: it is too cold and, therefore, not practical for use in residential premises. Therefore, you can concentrate on:
laminate flooring
ceramic tiles
Artificial stone
Floors can also be an excellent way to zoning a space if several materials are combined. This technique seems quite unusual and can significantly transform your room.

loft decoration studiolav-ideas-salon-modern

Loft ceiling decoration

If the room has a fairly high ceiling, then in this case you can bring the interior as close as possible to the loft style: use wooden beams or ventilation pipes to decorate the ceilings. In this case, natural wood can serve as a finishing material. In case the room has a low ceiling, it will be sufficient to level it with plaster and paint it with a clear shadow.

loft-tribeca-days decoration

Loft window decoration

Ideally - panoramic windows from the ceiling to the floor. This is the option provided for the traditional American loft. Window frames must be made of wood or imitate natural wood. Remember that the maximum amount of sunlight should enter the room, so it is better to exclude massive curtains after all. If you need to periodically close the window, it is better to choose roller blinds or blinds for these purposes.


Design and decoration loft 2020

If you are in a space that once served as a factory floor, then you will not need to do a special remodeling of the place. Another thing is if you are the owner of a new apartment that you want to decorate in a loft style. Here you will have to think about all your actions (if necessary, it is better to hire a professional designer for planning).

First, make sure the space becomes as free as possible. Try to get rid of loading walls or interior partitions, if not completely, at least partially. You can replace them with other space zoning methods:

Large furniture (shelves, sofas).
Glass partitions.
Different floors for each zone.
Various lighting devices.
Decorative walls, etc.

loft-tribeca-days-end-kitchen decoration

Of course, each separate room will have its own decoration features. Despite this, the loft has several small attributes that will be appropriate both in the kitchen and in the bedroom. These include:

sculptures and figurines;
original "old" vases, etc.

loft-tribeca-days-end-bedroom decor

Design and decoration loft in the living room: practicality and comfort
Very often, the living room, made in the style of a loft, combines several functional areas. For example, it has a place to relax, meetings with friends, a study and even a dining room. If you are the owner of a studio apartment, the living room also includes a sleeping area. That is why it is important to adequately ensure the zoning of the space and think about all the details so that the final result looks as harmonious as possible. Here are some expert tips, then you will get an elegant and original main room:

loft-vladimir-radutny-architects decoration

Zoning the space with the help of additional furniture and decoration. So, for example, recreation and kitchen areas can distinguish between a bar or a kitchen island.
Clearly designate each separate zone. Where the office is located, a computer desk should be located. The dining room has a dining table and chairs. In the recreation area: armchairs or a sofa.

loft decoration vladimir-radutny-architects-kitchen

The shadows used in the decoration of the living room are standard for the loft style. These are black, gray or beige tones in combination with red brick or natural wood. Brighter tones are best used as accents.
Provide the maximum amount of natural color. It is better to have several large windows in your living room. Do not hang curtains or tulle on them, the room should always be well lit.
The lighting fixtures used in the living room may resemble high-tech products. Simple and concise floor lamps or hanging lamps are the most appropriate for plaster, concrete or brick.

loft decoration vladimir-radutny-architects-sala

If the space is open and large enough, the use of small furniture will be an illogical technique. Give preference to massive and vibrant objects. By the way, it is the sofas, armchairs or shelves that often become accent elements in the loft style. Therefore, do not be afraid to experiment and choose non-standard tones.
Get rid of excess furniture. Each element must mainly fulfill a practical function, and not just fill the space.

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