Design of a kitchen for the whole family

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Decor : Design of a kitchen for the whole family

The kitchen has become a very important area of ​​the house for family life. Due to this, it is essential to create a space designed for the whole family. This is the case of the project that we bring you today and that was carried out by the Espacio BONO team. In it, what they sought was to create a pleasant aesthetic, while providing warmth and quality.

A kitchen that is in fashion

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The first thing we can see is that it is a modern kitchen, both in its design and in the furniture used. They opted for an open concept, blurring the traditional boundaries between the kitchen and the rest of the rooms in the home.

For the furniture, they opted for minimalist furniture, where the handles stand out for their absence and in which materials with character and luminosity were mixed.

Maximum quality

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A perfect piece of furniture must be beautiful, but also practical and durable. For this reason, at Espacio BONO we know that, in a kitchen, what is seen is as important as what is not seen.

In this case, the quality is ensured by the Blum fittings (the first international brand) and by the waterproof modules that provide not only resistance to water (they swell 80% less in contact with water compared to the modules that are not). ) but also robustness and durability (kitchens with waterproof hulls last around five years longer on average than others without their characteristics).

Kitchen storage space is maximized thanks to a spacious pantry designed with low-depth and suspended furniture. A very functional space that also adds aesthetic value to the kitchen, apparently it levitates.

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Pantry cabinets with a reduced depth are a highly recommended option if the kitchen layout allows it.

They are a very functional option (they take up less space as they have less depth) and economical, since they do not need removable drawers to be able to access the bottom of shelves and shelves, since they have less depth. In this way, they are more affordable but are still just as useful.

The combination of colors, finishes and materials used in the kitchen create a dynamic space with character, but at the same time very homogeneous.

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In addition to the base units and the pantry area, the kitchen has a floor-to-ceiling furnishing area that complements the lower part of the kitchen where the microwave and refrigerator are located.

The kitchen extends beyond its own limits with a dining table also designed and manufactured by us. A simple solution to create a social and family meeting space, close and comfortable.

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